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The People Who Have Hurt You Do Not Deserve To Be Given A Second Chance


Has anyone ever told you how incredible you are?

How pure and loving your soul is? How soft and caring your heart is?

How your presence makes people feel special? And how your warm embrace has the power to change people’s lives? Has anyone ever let you know that they could never imagine their life without you?

My guess is yes. But I also think that you’ve been through a lot of heartaches and disappointments on your journey. I can see that in your eyes. I can see that you’ve been hurt more than you’ve been loved. I can see you’ve suffered for a very long time. Many people have tried to trick you and take advantage of that beautiful, loving heart of yours. Many people have tried to take everything away from you. And they’ve succeeded. Because you’ve let them.

But you know what saddens me the most?

You haven’t really learned your lessons. After everything you’ve endured and been through, you are still the same. You are still letting these people stay in your life hoping that they will change. You are still dreaming of a better future with them. You are still thinking that you are meant for each other. You, my friend, are still giving second chances to people who have put you through misery and proved to you that they didn’t even deserve the first one…  

















It’s about time you wake up. Don’t you think?

I know you can’t see the same things that I am seeing. You are blinded by your love. But I dare you. For once, do not see them through the lens of love. Instead, look at them through the lens of reality.

Are you seeing what I am seeing?

These people are not in your life because they care for you. They are there because there are certain things that they gain from their relationship with you. And by doing so, they hurt you. They hurt you so much and so often that you’ve gotten used to it.

Wake up already! The people who have hurt you do not deserve to be given a second chance. They do not deserve your kindness, your tolerance, your respect, your forgiveness, much less, your heart. These people don’t bring any value to your life. They only rob your life of it. They will use you however they want, take you for granted, disrespect you, and then when they get bored, they will throw you away like you never existed.

It’s time to finally change this. It’s time to finally regain back your power and start focusing on your life and your happiness. You are a human being with a beating heart and a natural need for love and affection. You deserve to be treated right. You deserve to be told you are more than enough. You deserve respect. You deserve to live the life of your dreams. You deserve to have a smile on your face.

So stop giving all that away to people who are not ready to give that back!

Stephanie Reeds