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Why Victims Can’t Leave Their Tormentors And Escape The Prison They Are In

narcissist couple

Those who haven’t been involved with a toxic person can never understand the difficulty of the experience. A toxic person, a narcissist, or whatever you call them, is a master manipulator. They are able to entangle you so firmly into their web of lies and manipulation so that you cannot escape no matter how much you want it because you are addicted to them.

People involved with narcissists desperately want to leave them because they can no longer endure the immense pain, but at the same time they love their tormentor so much and they refuse to leave in hope that things will get better with time as they were at the beginning. They hopelessly want to be happy with them, but all they are left with are more lies, pain, tears, and manipulation.

They do everything in their power to save the relationship and motivate their tormentors to give them the love they deserve. However, their efforts are all in vain. The manipulators consider them only as objects and overlook their efforts. And once they are done with them, they move on to their next victim tossing them away as if they were a piece of garbage.

The victims of narcissists can’t believe that once the most loving and attentive person they have met has turned into a monster. So, they start feeling desperate and lonely. They no longer have boundaries and because of that, they are destined to lose all their self-worth and confidence which further makes them incapable of escaping the prison they are in.

The unfortunate thing is, there are times when the manipulator starts behaving like everything is good and they suddenly become warm and loving. This happens when they sense that their victim has reached a point when they consider leaving them. And then, the victim gets mesmerized by the charms of their manipulator once again entangling themselves further and further into the toxic loop of hell.

Leaving an abuser is the hardest thing a person can do. And when they finally do decide to save themselves, they will need a lot of time to heal from the entire trauma they have experienced and feel like themselves again.

A relationship with a toxic person hurts more than anything else because it devalues the victim and makes them unable to recognize themselves. It robs them of their happiness and sense of self leaving them emotionally hurt, drained, and depleted.

It is a war not easily won, but with a lot of courage and support from others, the victim can escape the horror and save themselves.

Mary Wright