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Why Most Men Cannot Handle The Intensity Of A Deep Woman

Why Most Men Cannot Handle The Intensity Of A Deep Woman

The deeper a woman is, the more difficult it is to find a person who wants to be in a relationship with her. She may go on many dates but somehow none of these dates turn into something serious.

And it’s not that she is not an attractive, smart, and beautiful woman inside and out. It’s because most of the men don’t know how to handle a woman with such depth and intensity as her.

Why? Because a deep woman is really something special and different than any other woman. Here are 8 ways in which this woman is difficult for a man to deal with…

1. She Asks Deep Questions

A deep woman asks deep questions because she wants to know everything about the man she is dating. She wants to delve deep inside his psyche and go deeper and deeper until she sees who he is. She does this for two reasons: to get to know him better; and because she can’t stand shallow conversations.

2. She Is Brutally Honest

A deep woman is too blunt and honest. She is seriously taking her integrity and wants people to respect her. She values honesty more than anything because according to her, that’s how trust is built. She always tells the truth even if it’s hurtful, and she wants someone who is just as sincere as she is.

3. She Knows What She Wants

A deep woman knows what she wants and goes after it. The same goes for who she wants to be in her life. She is very self-aware, and she knows instantly whether she likes someone or not without her having to explore her options or date around to be sure if her emotions are real. She knows her heart can only beat for certain special people and she can recognize those people right away.

4. She Wants A Deep Connection

A deep woman desires to be in a deep relationship. She wants to be connected to someone with whom she can have long and deep conversations about life and the Universe. She wants to know all their deepest secrets and fears. She wants someone who can add value to her life and vice versa. She doesn’t want to just have fun. She wants a real relationship.

5. She Is Not Afraid of Intimacy

A deep woman is not scared of being truly intimate with someone. She isn’t afraid to get close to someone and risk pushing them away or hurting herself in the process. Intimacy and depth go together and this woman will always choose intimacy over casual relationships.

6. She Sees Through You

A deep woman can see right through the bullshit. She can also look at someone’s soul and see them for who they are – flaws and all. She will see their fears, their wounds, and what made them the people they are. And some people are not comfortable to be around someone who can read them like a book.

7. She Craves Consistency

A deep woman gets cold and disinterested by flaky and inconsistent behavior. She doesn’t appreciate someone who plays games of hot and cold with her. She wants someone who is consistent and with whom she can build a strong and deep bond. She doesn’t have time to engage in manipulations and games, she wants someone who is real and passionate about her like she is.

8. She Is Intense, Loves Deeply, And She Doesn’t Wait for Anyone

A deep woman is very intense thus she can be very intimidating because she is intense in everything she does. Her thoughts and emotions are always intense. Her love is intense and deep as well which may be too much to handle for weak men. However, this woman won’t wait for anyone. She knows her worth and she wants someone just as strong and deep as she is.

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