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When Your Partner Disappears From Your Life Without Giving You Closure


When you are faced with the end of a relationship or even a ‘situationship’ that you had with your partner when you two were seeing each other regularly but without the commitment, you are left wondering why. You want to know why you two broke up. Why they suddenly ‘disappeared’ from your life.

Million possible reasons are going through your mind as you try to find out the reasons why would someone do such a thing. You are tempted to ask them about their feelings, intentions, everything that you wanted to ask them but didn’t get a chance to… However, after some time, it all boils down to one essential question – What the f*ck has happened?

Oftentimes, you know the answer. You saw a picture of them with another person and you found that they are in a relationship with them. Even though this knowledge might hurt you deeply, it will be enough for you to find the closure you need and move on with your life because you’ll realize that you deserve to find your happiness too.

But what happens when you don’t get that kind of closure? What happens when they just block you from everywhere and disappear from your life out of the blue without any explanation?

When someone completely cuts you out from their life, they take away all the answers with them and you are left with nothing. They take away all the unspoken truth without giving you any chance to explain or tell them your part of the story. And that’s not fair.

When your partner blocks you and doesn’t give you closure, it is a natural response to be angry at them. You have every right to be pissed at them because instead of having an honest conversation with you, which is the mature thing to do, they ghosted you.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. There is nothing more painful and devastating than having someone you love suddenly ‘disappear’ from your life. The pain is real and it leaves scars.

But I want to remind you of your worth. No ‘ghost’ deserves your tears and you missing them. Stop wondering if they’ll come back. They are not worthy to be in your life. Full stop.

You deserve to be with someone who is trustworthy and honest. Someone who is transparent with you from day one. You are not a toy that someone can just abandon when they are finished with playing.

Let this be your closure. And move on with your life.

Mary Wright