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Man Was Left Shocked As A Grizzly Bear Sat Next To Him By A River


If I can say one thing for certain, it’s that Alaska is full of trees, snow, and bears. In fact, the area around McNeil River is known for its impressively large bear population. The number of bears there was so huge that it was even deemed to be a wildlife sanctuary in 1967.

So, if you’re headed to the Alaskan wilderness, you can probably expect to see a few of these creatures roaming around. Usually, however, you’d only see them from afar.

Drew Hamilton, a tech worker for the state of Alaska Department of Fish and Game, had a much closer encounter. This man was left shocked as a grizzly bear sat next to him by a river.

Hamilton had been in the area photographing grizzly bears out in the wild. Once he decided to rest for a moment on a camping chair by the river, something amazing happened.

A grizzly bear came right up to his chair and began looking out at the water too.

In the video that Hamilton managed to snap of the animal, you can see that it looks calm. The creature seemed to be taking in the view and enjoying his moment of relaxation along with Drew.

You can watch the breathtaking video for yourself below.

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Eva Jackson