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When You Sincerely Love Someone, You Accept Them As They Are – Flaws And All


When you really love someone, you love them for who they are. Their flaws don’t bother you. You understand that we as human beings are all flawed and imperfect, so you don’t expect your relationship to be perfect always.

You don’t tell yourself how you wish that the relationship would be perfect if only your partner is willing to change one or two things that are getting on your nerves.

When you sincerely love someone, you are happy with the way they are right now. You’d never expect them to change because you fell in love with their virtues as well as with their flaws. Plus, it is very selfish and unfair to ask a person to be someone different than themselves.

When you truly love someone, you accept their past and the baggage they carry with themselves.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you accept everything and allow them to treat you disrespectfully. This also doesn’t mean that you stay still when they behave inappropriately and justify their bad behavior.

If they are rude to you and are treating you poorly, then that’s the calling for you to leave. In that scenario, best is to stop trying to fix something that is broken and focus on your own happiness instead.

But, if you are in a healthy loving relationship where you two respect each other, trust each other, and support each other, then you stay.

You understand that when they snap at you for no apparent reason it is not because they don’t love you. You may not feel happy at the moment with their behavior, but you can understand that it is not about you.

When you really love someone, you apologize and accept their apologies. You both can’t stay mad at each other for so long and you know that both of you can sometimes screw things up not because of a lack of love, but because of past traumas and unresolved issues.

When you really love someone, you give them another chance. You give them another opportunity to work on themselves and be better. You work with them together to save your relationship instead of constantly reminding them of their mistake.

When you really, truly love someone, you accept them with their virtues and their flaws. You accept them for the unique person they are.

You don’t make them feel guilty about their abandonment or trust issues. You don’t fault them for the past pain that they are still trying to move on from. You don’t blame them for their flaws. You don’t try to make them feel bad about themselves. Instead…

You understand them. You support them. You help them. You encourage them. You are standing by their side, always.

You work as a team.

Finally, when you love someone you don’t want them to change because they are perfect for you just the way they are.

Mary Wright