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If You Are Not Careful, Love Can Turn You Into A Toxic Person


Sometimes loving someone doesn’t mean that you’ll stay with them forever. Sometimes being in love with someone doesn’t mean that you are the best version of yourself when you are around them.

In fact, love can sometimes turn you into a completely different person. Someone you never wanted to become.

Sometimes love can make you codependent. It has a power to convince you that you should spend all your spare time with your partner. It can convince you to ignore your friends and family and distance yourself from everything and everyone because only your partner matters to you.

Sometimes love can make you jealous. It can turn you into a jealous person, someone who goes through their partner texts and phone calls. Someone who instigates arguments and fights over the smallest things. Someone who can’t keep their calm when they feel that something may be hidden from them.

Sometimes love can turn you into a mean person. It can make you say and do things that you may regret later. It can cause you to hurt the people you love the most in the heat of the moment.

Sometimes love can make you paranoid. It can make you act out of emotions while totally abandoning your logic. It can make you obsess over little things and always imagine the worst-case scenarios.

Sometimes love can disclose your worst insecurities. You will start doubting yourself. You will start feeling small and inferior. You will start to feel even more self-conscious than back in the past when you were single.

Sometimes love can turn you into a manipulator. Someone who blames others for their own mistakes. Someone who lies to create conflict or escape from responsibilities.

Sometimes love can make you look like a crazy person. It can bring out the demons inside you and slowly destroy you…

Not all love stories are meant to last forever.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is walking away and breaking up with the one who turns you into a toxic person. Sometimes a break up is all you need that will make you both happier.

Because a love that is not healthy is a love that is not serving you in any good way. Sometimes, regardless of how much you love each other – you and your partner are just not compatible.

All you need to do in this case is to take a step back and try to look at yourself and your relationship from a different perspective. Try to analyze your behavior and see how toxic this relationship has made you.

Sometimes you must admit to yourself that you are never going to be in a good place in your life, both spiritually and mentally, if you stay with your partner.

Sometimes you must say goodbye to the relationship and the toxicity that has accumulated inside you and start looking for the right kind of partnership. A healthy one. One that can make you a better person. 

Mary Wright