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When You Really Love Someone, You Stay Loyal Until The Very End


When you truly, madly, deeply love someone, you don’t go behind their back. You don’t hide your dirty secrets under your rug hoping they’d never find out about them just, so you could continue your naughty adventures. You don’t text another person, or call them in the middle of the night to let them know that you want to meet them. Secretly.

When you really love someone, you don’t use fake names for your contacts. You don’t delete the messages from your phone and you don’t think about what might happen if you accidentally leave your Facebook logged on their pc.

You don’t care about such trivialities, because when you truly love someone, you stay loyal to them. You are yourself. There are no masks, no lies, no games, no trickery.

When you love someone, you don’t behave like you’re single. You don’t go flirting with every person that hits on you just because you feel like it. You have boundaries because you respect and cherish the person you’re in a relationship with.

When you really love someone more than words can say, you don’t just leave when things get tough. You don’t ghost on them after the first disagreement. You don’t leave them once the road gets rocky. You don’t go to your ex whenever you need to blow off some steam.

Because when you really care about someone you do everything in your power to make things work. Even if something seems unsolvable, you do your best to make a compromise that will satisfy both your needs. You talk, you open up and you fight with all of your being until you make the relationship work.

When you really love someone, you don’t make them jealous. On the contrary, you do everything you can to let them know that there’s no one in their life besides you. You don’t accuse them of being over attached or crazy for wanting to know everything there is about you and your life.

When you genuinely love someone, you stick together through thick and thin. You stay by their side, you support their work, you appreciate their efforts, you celebrate their success, you accept their failures and you help them learn from their mistakes.

All in all, when you really care about someone, you are loyal until the very end. You don’t let them doubt your emotions, because your soul is an open book to them.

Being loyal and honest with the one you love means never talking being their back. It means never keeping secrets that might hurt them. It means respecting your partner’s needs and accepting their different opinions.

Being loyal and honest with your partner means constantly reminding them that you’re there for them, no matter what. It also means keeping that promise and really being there when they need it. It’s keeping your word.

Because when you truly love some, it means that your love is unconditional. It sees past their mistakes and flaws. It means that you love them for the person they are, not the person you want them to be. 

Stephanie Reeds