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He Broke Her Heart And Shattered Her Hopes, But She Won’t Be Afraid To Love Again


This girl loved him in ways she never believed she was capable of loving. She devoted herself to him with every fiber of her being. She allowed him to touch the deepest places of her soul – places that even she didn’t know existed. She gave him her heart and he promised that he’d always protect it.

Then, without a warning, he broke it into countless little pieces. He walked away without looking back to see the havoc he created in her life.

He left her feeling desperate, betrayed, and  hurt. He left her to pick up the pieces of her broken heart by herself. He never stopped to think how much he hurt her by pushing her away.

This girl was always cheerful and full of hopes and love before she met him. She always looked for the good in people, even in this guy, because she believed he’d never do anything that could make her sad, let alone break her heart.

But, this guy managed to shatter all her hopes so easily. Like her love and hope were some kind of toys he could play with for as long as he wanted and then just easily discard them.

This girl unselfishly gave him her heart – the most important and sacred treasure anyone can be ever entrusted with. She threw her innocent soul under her feet. And how did he thank her?

He took both her and her love for granted. He fed her hopes with all sorts of lies, pleasant-sounding clichés, false promises, lame excuses, and who knows what else. He convinced her to believe that she was the only girl in his life.

He broke her. He destroyed her ability to trust people. From a girl who believed in the good in people, she turned into a girl who thought all people are the same -evil.

Undeniably, it’ll take her time to get over him, overcome her pain, and move on with her life. His betrayal scarred her emotionally and mentally. It ruined her self-esteem and shook her faith in love.

As a result, she guards her heart and doesn’t let anyone in.

Perhaps some will say that she’s fine, that she’s already got over him and moved on. But, no. The truth is that she smiles and looks calm, but behind all that there’s a hurting heart, broken dreams, and wrecked hopes.

She feels like she’s falling apart, like she’s lost her purpose to live, like she has nothing left to fight for.

She feels as if the other part of her left with the one she was with and loved. She thinks she’ll never be able to love again, but she’s wrong. She just hasn’t realized yet that oftentimes, on the journey towards finding true love, one has to endure a few heartbreaks first – heartbreaks that will teach her what true love really feels like and how worthy she is.

This girl is now picking the pieces of her torn heart step by step. She tries not to think of him and of the things they did together. She tries to ignore every memory of him even though it’s hard. Every place in the town reminds her of him. Every food, every perfume smells like him.

But, she doesn’t give up. She slowly begins to remember who she was before the guy who was supposed to love and fight for her came into her life and played with her feelings and mind.

This girl is strong and she won’t be afraid to love again. She’ll find her true love when she expects it the least. And when she finds it, she might still feel her scars, but she’ll no longer be broken.

For sure, it’ll take her time to learn to trust the new love, but gradually she’ll succeed in it. Her new love will prove to her that he deserves her attention and trust. He’ll show her that love doesn’t have to hurt.

He’ll help her love again.

And this girl will finally become the person she used to be once. She’ll remember how strong and brave she is. She’ll realize that what she has gone through and her determination to overcome her pain has made her even stronger and more resilient.

This woman will love and be loved again because she deserves it.

She deserves to be with someone who will choose her every single day. Someone who will respect and appreciate her. Someone who will be loyal to and respect her enough to never lie to her.

She deserves to be with someone who will know how valuable she is and that she’s worth every effort.

She deserves all this and much more, and she should never settle for anything less than that.

And the moment she allows herself to love again, she will no longer carry the burden of her painful past on her shoulders. The memories of him will no longer haunt her. She’ll be free like a bird and she’ll start a new chapter in her life.

And for the guy who will be privileged to be loved by this girl, please, know that the woman who opens her heart to love you, when it has already been broken, is braver than any person you’ll meet.

Riley Cooper