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When You Make A Woman An Aunt, You Give Her The Most Precious Gift Of Them All


I’ve been blessed to be an aunt to the prettiest little angel that completely changed my life for almost a year now. And pretty soon, I will welcome another one.

I have no words to explain to you how blessed I feel. I am a whole different person from the moment he entered our lives. I feel like nothing I’ve ever felt in my life can compare to this feeling. The only thing that I can say to you is… you will only feel this when the time comes and that bundle of joy finally comes into this world.

It is true what they say… Welcoming a child into your life is the most eye-opening and life-changing experience.

When a woman becomes an aunt, she receives the most precious gift of them all.

She receives the greatest bundle of joy in her life. She welcomes new life. A glimmer of hope. A ray of sunshine. A source of everlasting love. And just like that, her life is changed from its very core. She is not a mother, but she feels as though she carried that life inside of her. She is not technically a parent, but she loves and sacrifices as one.

When a woman becomes an aunt, she becomes a very protective person.

From cooking, feeding, babysitting and changing to making sure that the car seat is properly adjusted before every car ride, being an aunt means gladly accepting the responsibilities of raising a child. An auntie may be just a sister to your father or mother, but in reality, she is your second momma. That is what makes her super protective of you.

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When a woman becomes an aunt, she learns what real love feels like.

For the first time in her life, she understands the meaning of unconditional love. She realizes that this newfound feeling could never be compared to anything she has experienced before. And she knows that she would give everything in the world to see her nephews and nieces happy and healthy.

When a woman becomes an aunt, she gets to see what motherhood is all about without the burden of disciplining.

Being aunt also means introducing your nephews and nieces to a whole different side of life. This doesn’t mean overlooking poor behavior but deciding not to be as attentive and strict as a parent would be. Being an aunt allows you to giggle and play with them without always teaching them a lesson. That is something about aunts that makes them the coolest people alive.

When a woman becomes an aunt, she opens her heart to a different kind of love.

Love that it is constantly there, no matter the years, no matter the time, no matter the distance. Love that makes the heart tremble. Love that makes people ready and willing to do everything for the ones they hold dear.

When a woman becomes an aunt, she becomes the happiest person alive.

When a woman receives the honor to be an aunt to her siblings’ newborn child, her life changes the very moment. No words are enough to describe the happiness that flows through her heart once their nephews and nieces are brought to this world. From that moment on, she becomes a different person.

One who is ready to give everything she has to provide for her loved ones.

One who has finally found the biggest treasure in life. Unconditional love.

Stephanie Reeds