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Making Sense Out Of The Madness The Narcissist Left Behind

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The topic of narcissists is very popular nowadays. With many and many survivors deciding to speak up and tell their story, the awareness of this mental disorder is greater than ever. People are supporting each other, and professionals are offering help to those in need.

This is especially important considering the destruction that a narcissist makes in the victim’s life, leaving them broken. Healing can take months, even years. Some survivors admit they have never recovered from the abuse. And many of them are suffering in silence because of the severity of the damage.

Often, a narcissist uses its victim for material gains and so, in addition to the emotional and mental abuse, the victim is also left penniless and needy, while also dealing with the shock of the narcissist walking away from them like it was nothing.

This is one of the tricks of the narcissist. The narcissist usually sets its victim for disappointment and failure, and then they leave them when they are going through the hardest time. There are cases when the narcissist tells their victim to quit their job and then they leave them right away. Many narcissists abandon their victims often before special events like weddings, graduations, or special holidays. Others are leaving their victims when someone dear to them dies or they become ill themselves which worsens their depression.

Many victims say that after they broke up with the narcissist, they couldn’t take care of themselves. They didn’t have any will to get out of bed and go to work. They only wanted to lie down in bed and sleep until their pain fades. Every day is another battle for survival.

Narcissists abuse their victims by making them feel worthless in order for them to be superior and have all the power in the relationship. Some victims even said that they believe the narcissist was purposefully pushing their boundaries because he wanted them to commit suicide.

The narcissist knows how to keep their victim addicted to them. The devious mind games that the narcissist plays create a trauma bond and memory loss paired with C-PTSD (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). That’s why it is so hard for the victims of the narcissist to get back on their feet and recover from the abuse.

Many people deal with more than one narcissist in their lives. Many have narcissistic parents. All these situations are harmful to the brain. If the survivor, however, meets another person who reminds them of the abuse, they will get consumed by panic attacks, thoughts of self-damage, racing thoughts of doing anything to put an end to the pain and their fears. Others say, because of the many years of abuse, they can now spot a narcissist from a mile.

Victims of narcissistic abuse must find a safe space for them and surround themselves only with kind, nurturing, and loving people.

Also, writing, journaling, or telling their stories and exchanging their experiences with other victims of abuse on a forum or face-to-face is a very effective healing treatment. Art is a great medium for expressing their hurt feelings. Many victims of abuse are exceptionally talented souls and if they bond together, they can make a safe and peaceful space for themselves, free of any kind of pain and abuse.

Finally, it takes faith and love to overcome the destruction that the narcissist left behind. But, together we are stronger. We will rise up like a phoenix from the ashes and we will be stronger than ever.

Mary Wright