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9 Powerful Lessons From Confucius That Will Completely Change Your Outlook On Life


Confucius was one of the most influential thinkers in Chinese history. His philosophies still echo to this day and hold a strong grip on what reality is and how it affects us.

His wisdom was so incredible that he remained as one of the great minds of the past who has left a strong impact on our collective and individual consciousness. It offered an insight into life and how to live it in a more fulfilling and meaningful way.

Below, we give you 9 of his most powerful lessons that can help you create a whole new perception of your life and start living it in a more fulfilling way.

1. Never stop going


Sometimes, the goals we need to reach are much further away than we want them to be. And the path to these goals may seem filled with obstacles and challenges. But whatever the case, it’s most important that you keep going and never give up.

Be consistent with your dreams and you’ll eventually reach the goal that you’ve set for yourself.

2. Friends do matter

You become the people you’re surrounded with – never forget that. If you surround yourself with the right people, you’ll be inspired to move forward and grow. If you are surrounded by people who give little value to their capabilities and their life, you’ll end up like them.

Relationships matter in so many ways – make sure you are with the right people along the way.

3. There’s a price for everything



What’s easy to get is usually paid afterward. Nothing is free, really – and the easy things are just the devil in disguise. You need to ask yourself whether something is worth chasing after and if you’re ready for the challenges it brings.

The greater the challenge in life, the greater the reward. It may seem more beneficial to chase after the easy things, but the price you pay is one that only bad things bring. Be braver and aim for better!

4. We let the wrongdoings affect us

It’s true that nobody is perfect and that people are bound to wrong you. But, it’s only a big thing if you let your mind process that action over and over again. The past is there to teach us a positive lesson, even if it may be disguised as something that seems negative.

Forgive and let go – but be sure to learn the lesson it brings. If you focus on the negative aspect of it, it will haunt you and it will turn you into a bitter person. We allow the wrong to affect us as much as we allow the positive side of it to help us grow – the decision on what to let inside is only yours.

5. Don’t be guided by impulse

Never do things out of anger, as you’ll surely regret it later. It’s a fact that there are so many things that can make us lose touch with our inner peace, but in those moments of anger, it’s not a matter of what you should do in response, but rather a matter of calming yourself down before doing anything.

Don’t let these situations twist you into something you’d never become. Step back and measure your response.

6. There’s no goal that can’t be reached


Sometimes, with how things are going, some goals seem simply impossible. It’s because of the steps we are taking, not because of the goals, though. Don’t change your goals and stay true to your dreams – but be ready to adjust your approach.

You know how it goes: if something’s not working, you should change the approach.

7. Everybody’s a teacher


You can always learn something from those around you – both from their positive and negative sides. Strive to become as virtuous as those you admire and learn from the mistakes of those that make them. There’s a lesson in everything if you decide to look closely.

8. Your heart bears all the strength you need

Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and don’t think of how it might turn out. As long as you’ve put your heart into it, be glad that you did. Success lies in devotion, and this goes for every aspect of life.

9. Diligence is key


You can’t grow if you don’t work on yourself – self-investment is the key to becoming better at everything, and diligence is the key. If you want to achieve your goals, don’t stop working on improving your skills through effort and determination.

Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Confucius#/media/File:Konfuzius-1770.jpg

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