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When You Love Someone You Should Never Pretend Like Everything Is Fine When It’s Not


When you are in love with someone, you should never hide your feelings and pretend like everything is okay when it’s not. Don’t skip the serious talk because you are scared of getting in an argument. Don’t hold back your feelings because you are afraid that they’ll see you as an emotionally insecure person. God forbid if you tell them what you want and need from them…

Sadly, if you continue bottling up your emotions, you’ll end up feeling resentful. You will destroy the connection you have with your partner. Because a little annoying thing or a problem can easily and quickly escalate into a bitter fight that could end up in a breakup.

When you are in love with someone, you must be honest with them. You must be vocal. You must be blunt. There is no way to have a healthy connection by giving someone a silent treatment. Your partner can’t read your mind. Therefore, you need to have an honest talk with them and tell them what’s bothering you. If you play games, you will only waste your time and prolong the problem until you decide you can’t do it anymore.

When you are in love with someone, you tell them when you are annoyed, angry, or upset with them. If you want your relationship to succeed you must be honest with your partner. You must tell like it is but in a mature manner, without screaming or accusing them. You should always treat them with respect.

You can always get your point across without being too aggressive, too stubborn, or too argumentative because they probably didn’t mean to intentionally hurt you. Even more so, they probably never realized that you were hurt before you told them. That’s why you should always speak your mind and be upfront with them.

Because if you pretend that everything is okay when in reality you are secretly pissed off, then your partner may never understand that they are doing something wrong and that their actions are hurting you.

Yes, you might think that by avoiding conflicts you are maintaining the relationship, but you are wrong. You are actually injuring your relationship by letting problems slide.

So, instead of you holding back because you don’t want to cause drama, you should always release your emotions because that will make your relationship stronger.

And if you are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t listen to you and doesn’t accept criticism, then you should really consider breaking up with them.

You can’t make a relationship last without having hard conversations. In order for your relationship to grow, both you and your partner need to be vulnerable with each other and say what’s on your mind without fear of being dismissed and left out in the cold.

Mary Wright