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7 Reasons Why A Kiss On The Forehead Is The Biggest Sign Of Intimacy


A kiss on the forehead is a lot more intimate and personal than most people think and realize. Kissing someone on the forehead is showing them that they hold a very special place in your heart.

Forehead kisses can occur between friends, couples, a parent to its child, and any other connection. But these kisses are truly something distinct and superior to any other kiss.

Here are 7 different meanings that a kiss on the forehead holds.

1. It Shows A Very Deep Emotional Connection

When someone kisses you on the forehead it shows a bond that is very strong and deep. It shows that they are emotionally involved with you and enjoy spending time with you.

2. It Shows Appreciation

A kiss on the forehead is a clear sign of appreciation. For example, when you do a favor to someone, or you buy them something nice, and they kiss you on the forehead it means that they appreciate your effort. It also means that they respect you and validate you.

3. It Shows Adoration

Kissing someone on the forehead is like telling them, “you are amazing” or “I adore you”. Or anything else along those lines. It is definitely a good boost on the connection between two people.

4. It Shows Affection

A kiss on the forehead is a sweet reminder of how important someone is to you or you to them depending on the giver. Moreover, it’s a great way of showing affection to someone without being too much obvious about it, especially in public places.

5. It Silently Says ‘I Love You’

A person can say so much more with a single forehead kiss than they can with words. Forehead kisses are a way of communication that everyone understands and there are really no words needed. And they usually say, “I love you.”

6. It Shows That You Are on Their Mind

When your partner or someone dear to you kisses you on the forehead out of the blue, or when they kiss you gently in the morning after they wake up, is a clear sign that they are thinking of you and they care about you so much.

7. It’s Kissing the Window to Your Soul

Our forehead is where our third eye chakra, which is the center of foresight and intuition, is located. Therefore, when someone kisses you on the forehead is like kissing your soul. There is no better feeling than that.

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