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20 Reasons Why Women With Old Souls Are Different From The Rest

old soul woman

Old souls. You may know them as the most extraordinary human beings. The rarest gems on earth. The misunderstood beings find shelter within their hearts. The most fragile dandelions in the wind.

Regardless of their label, old souls are these extraordinary spiritual beings who have a different understanding of this world. 

Here are 20 reasons why a woman with an old soul are different and stand out from the crowds: 

1. They are aware of how much they’re worth, but they still struggle to find their place in this chaotic, fast-paced, cruel, and crazy world.

2. They often feel misunderstood and rejected by their peers. When they finally come across a person who completely matches their soul and vibrates on the same frequency level, there is an instant click that makes them immediately aware that they’ve found a companion for life.

3. They believe that somewhere out there is a person waiting for them, but they also know that love does not come easy.

4. They find it hard to connect with just about anyone. That is why these rare gems enjoy spending their time on their own or socializing with emotionally matured and wise people.

5. They are hypersensitive to other people’s actions and emotions. As a result, they have the power to immediately recognize certain patterns of behavior and make connections between someone’s actions and the possible reasons for them.

6. They are always there to share a good piece of advice with you and help you clear your mind from unwanted thoughts, even if they don’t usually get the same in return.

7. They crave real connection. The only way they can physically and emotionally give in to another person and truly be with them is by first developing a deep intimate bond with them.

8. Their loud and chaotic mind is a very scary place to be. However, in spite of those obstacles, they always find a way to cope with the weight of their thoughts and create a world that they are happy in.

9. They don’t want to waste their time on immature, confused and shallow boys. That is why they prefer to be in the company of older men. The experience, sensitivity, and maturity that these men possess complement their own.

10. They are natural-born perfectionists. What gives them pleasure, also stresses them a lot.

11. They don’t strive to fit in. They strive to stand out. They don’t want to ‘go with the flow. They follow their own path in life. They do not seek approval from other people. The only person they rely on is themselves.

12. They have a highly developed intuition that gives them the power to have more control over their lives. Their gut feeling is what guides them in life.

13. They are born leaders, but their brave and wild nature often comes across as intimidating to some. As a result, they are struggling to form functional bonds with other people, especially when it comes down to business.  

14. They are knowledgeable and enlightened human beings. However, this is one of the reasons why they’re often labeled as arrogant, know-it-all, and snobby.

15. They often feel uneasy staying in one place. It is almost as though they believe that their purpose is not here on earth. Their definition of home is where their soul shines the brightest and where their heart sings the loudest.

16. They are always there to help others and offer their hug as a shelter, but they don’t always get the same amount of empathy and understanding in return.

17. They have a pure, empathic soul. Their purpose on earth is to heal the world and help as many people as they can.

18. They often feel as if they are going out of their mind. The world is too much for them to handle, and so it often makes them question their sanity.

19. Their deep desire to travel the world and explore the unknown is their greatest source of joy and happiness. These rare gems could never stay in one place. They belong to the world.

20. The best remedy is their time spent alone. Investing in their own personal development, their spiritual growth, and their emotional intelligence is at the top of their priority list. Self-love is the only thing that they truly need.

Stephanie Reeds