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When You Finally Meet Your Soulmate, You’ll Realize Why It Never Made Sense With Anyone Else


I refuse to sound like the usual cliché.

But, you need to hear me out. This story is real.

It’s unlike the usual fairytales you’re used to. These words might seem fake to you, but, in this story, they have a deeper meaning. Believe me.

Most of you who were left broken and lost the ability to believe in love may say that this person doesn’t exist. That this person is fiction. Just a figment of my imagination.

But, that’s not true.

I don’t know if I was lucky enough if I’ve been born under a special star, or the odds were somehow in my favor, but I’ve met a person who entirely changed my life.

I’ve met a person who helped me realize why everything before him didn’t make any sense. I’ve met a person who made me realize that I’ve never really loved anyone before him. I’ve met a person who helped me understand that there’s a soulmate for every living being out there.

Trust me on this.

Because when you finally sense their presence, you’ll feel their intense energy all over the place. A strange, yet relieving feeling that everything is exactly where it needs to be. Their appearance will shake the core of your existence and make you wonder how can someone make you feel such intense emotions?

When you finally talk to this person, you’ll immediately click. There will be no awkward silences, no silly lines. The flow of your conversation will be fluent, and you’ll wonder where were they all your life. Understanding more about who they are and what they need will only make things clearer for you.

When you touch each other’s skin, your bodies and souls finally collide you’ll feel the rush of electricity running through your veins. You’ll feel their powerful energy merging with yours and creating one wholeness.

As you get closer to each other, and you start to develop a friendship, a real intimate bond, you’ll finally understand why it didn’t make sense with anyone else before them.

Once you get to know everything about this person and realize that you’re one soul in two bodies, you’ll finally feel free to undress your soul in front of them and let them know that your heart beats in the same rhythm as theirs.

Once you realize that even as soulmates you have differences between you that make you who you truly are as people, you’ll finally see how much you’ve matured. You’ll be aware of the fact that loving someone doesn’t mean changing them from the core, but rather accepting every part of their soul, even the darkest, scariest ones. And you’ll be thrilled to see the world through their pair of lenses.

When you finally get to a point where you unconditionally trust this person and you love him more than words can explain, you’ll understand the reason for their arrival in your life.

Suddenly, everything you’ve ever experienced before them will seem like it happened a long time ago, in a past life.

So, believe me.

I know that you feel lost. And I know that you cannot find the answer to some of the hardest questions you keep repeating to yourself.

But, once this person comes into your life, you’ll understand why it never made any sense with anyone else in your life.

Stephanie Reeds