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Congratulations, You Lost A Girl Who Wanted To Be Yours


Congratulations, you lost a girl who wanted to be yours!

But, how could you allow yourself to lose a girl who truly loved you? How did you manage to lose a ‘once–in–a-lifetime’ girl?

How did you have the heart to push away someone who was ready to go through the most violent storms just to be with you?

She only needed one reason to stay. She only needed to feel that you cared about her. That you loved her the way she loved you. She just needed a sign that things would get better, that there was a happy future for you two.

You were all she ever wanted.

She wanted to have a special place in your heart just like you had in hers. She didn’t care about your past or your faults, whims, and failures because she always looked for the good in you. She knew no one was perfect, neither was she. But, she tried, she worked hard to be a better person for you. She did her best not to fail your expectations of her.

She never cared about what others told her about you. She didn’t let anything and anyone tarnish her image of you. All she cared about in this world was you.

She wanted to be there for you when times got tough. She wanted to be your greatest help, your crying shoulder, your greatest cheerleader, your light, and the reason for which you’d gather all your strength to fight every evil in the world just to keep her by your side and never let her go.

This woman planned her future with you. She’d often imagine the two of you living together in that cozy, warm place you’d call your home.

She just wanted to freely love you and be loved by you.

And all you ever had to do was treat her right. You were supposed to treat her with lots of love and affection, kindness and compassion, respect and appreciation – just like you promised you would the day you told her you’d love her forever.

Hah, but it’s funny how quickly you forgot about your promise. The moment you saw that this woman was head over heels in love with you and that she was ready to do anything to keep you in her life, you forgot about everything you told her and about all the plans you were supposed to fulfill together.

You see, this woman gave you many chances, much more than you deserved. And you never appreciated that. You knew you could mess things up and she’d be there to forgive you. She was so kind to and patient with you that you became comfortable depending on her forgiveness.

She never asked for something that you couldn’t give her. She never expected you to be someone you were not.

The only thing she needed from you was to love her.

You were supposed to respect and treat her the way she deserved. You were supposed to show her that you cared about how she felt. You needed to let her know that she could always count on you for your help and support, and that you’d never leave her deal with her problems alone.

You just needed to show her that she mattered to you and put the smallest amount of effort to make her stay.

Did she ask for too much? No, I don’t think so.

Because she deserved all this and much more. Because she sincerely and unselfishly loved you. Because making you feel happy and fulfilled became her main goal.

Because she is like a rarest jewel on the bottom of the ocean that only a few are lucky enough to find it. And you were one of them. Yet, you failed to see the beauty of it.

You failed to see that you were everything to her, that you were her hope, her love, her choice.

But, to you…to you, she was just one of the many options you kept open. Maybe you were afraid to lose her, but you were certainly afraid to commit too.  You always kept looking around for other possibilities. You believed you deserved better.

The only time she was good enough for you was when she boosted your ego. When she made you feel smart, attractive, important. When she played the role – girlfriend of convenience.

You failed to realize that the best thing that could ever happen to you was right there – right next to you.

How could you possibly think that you could find someone better than her?

You didn’t value her.

You didn’t appreciate her fight for you and her efforts to make you happy. You expected her to love you unconditionally while you didn’t give her anything in return. You took her for granted. You thought no matter what you said or did, she’d always stay by your side. But, you were wrong. So wrong.

She got tired of fighting for someone who didn’t care about losing her.

She got tired of fighting for someone who gave up on her long time ago. Someone who didn’t deserve her attention and love.

She got tired of being hurt by the man who was supposed to love her. She got tired of healing her wounds every time you made her feel unworthy. She got tired of enduring your indifference which felt like a razor knife cutting her heart open.

She let you into her life and you destroyed her.

You played hot and cold. You showered her with kindness, warmth, and love one moment and froze her out and left her wondering what happened the next.

Did she do anything wrong? Did you lose interest in her? Did you ever really love her?

You made her question her own logic and sanity. You left her wondering if all that was only in her head. You left her no other choice but to think that all those “kind and romantic” acts you did for her were nothing else but an act.

So, congratulations, you lost a girl who wanted to stay!

You lost a girl who was not afraid of letting her love for you destroy her. A girl who would’ve made you the happiest person in the world if you had just let her.

You lost a girl that any other man would be the happiest to have. A girl you’ll never ever find again.

But, wait! After all, there is one good thing you did for her. You let go of her and now she feels free. Now, she’s herself again. Now, she can find someone who will be able to realize her worth the moment he sees her, not after losing her. And for that – congratulations!

Riley Cooper