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When You Are In A Mature Relationship, Disagreements Don’t Turn Into Toxic Fights

mature relationship

It’s good to be in a relationship. Not just any kind of relationship – a mature relationship. But how do you know if you are in one? How can you be sure?

Check out these 7  signs if you want to put all the dilemmas aside:

1. Your relationship is relaxed and easy.

Your relationship is balanced. You don’t mind who chose the restaurant you are at or who chose the movie you are watching as long as you are together.

You can make compromises and decisions are not hard to come by. You can make jokes about each other or call each other names and no one gets offended. 

2. There is no underlying jealousy.

There is mutual trust, so both of you can freely go out with friends or on some mini-vacation with them and have a blast. 

When you come home, your partner will ask how your little adventure went, not who you were with, why didn’t you text right away, or ask to give them your phone to check your messages.

Mature people know everyone needs to have a life and needs to have new experiences for they make you spiritually richer. 

3. You make each other grow and become better people.

That means if your partner crosses a line, you can call them on their sh*t and ask them to reconsider their words or actions, and vice versa. You are each other’s voice of reason, each other’s harshest judge and that honesty does not spark a fight; it contributes to better living and harmony. 

You may be sulky for a while, but you know your partner means what’s best for you, so you eventually come to your senses and move on. No hard feelings. 

4. You see a future together.

You make plans together and not plans like what are you going to do for the weekend, but more like when you plan on moving in together, when you want to have kids, or less implicitly, when you talk about the future – you include each other in the picture and it just feels right. 

It’s because you have no doubts or cringes, it’s because everything runs smoothly. 

5. You are synchronized. 

You understand each other, so you know when your partner is sad or angry or when they want to get out of the room because they don’t like the company. 

You know when they need coffee and when a glass of wine. You speak the same language and meet each other halfway. Like two pieces of a puzzle that fit right in. Effortlessly. 

6. Your disagreements are not the end of the world.

You have your differences and disagreements, but they do not spark toxic behavior, emotional blackmail, or harsh words. You get over brawls relatively quickly and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to move on. 

The keywords here are mutual understanding and acceptance.

7. You can pinpoint the actions in the relationship.

Your relationship is based on actions. It’s not just fancy words put together, it’s an investment, effort, and commitment, and it’s palpable; it’s not false promises and fairytales. 

You show each other your love, care, and respect, so when there is proof, are words even necessary? 


Nora Connel