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Real Friends Will Slap You In The Face With The Truth, But Only Because They Mean Your Best


Friends are more than time-fillers and classmates. They are family. 

Here’s a list of the 7 qualities that set real friends aside from regular friends or other relationships in our life:


Trust is the fundament in every relationship, the same as it is among best friends. It has many layers. First, you trust each other with your life; you keep each other’s secrets safe. Second, all your grudges towards other people, all your insecurities and failures are kept safe too. 


You tell each other everything. You and your friendmate can be honest with each other. No hard feelings or anything. If you disagree with something they did or said – you tell them that. You don’t like their outfit – you tell them that, and they appreciate it.

Real friends are grateful for the constructive criticism and the roasting; it shows care. It shows the bond is real. 


Real friends know no awkward silence. You can have a sleepover, see each other at your worst, go through a hangover silently without uttering a single word. Or have a cup of coffee in silence just because you enjoy each other’s presence. That goes beyond words.

 Your best friend’s silence can provide support, comfort, and company more than the words from any other person can. 


This is the best thing about real friendship. You get each other; you have your own little inner jokes; you have a blast and you are not even drunk. Even when you and your best friend are not together, you immediately think about what they would say or do in that situation and you get into an excellent mood just by thinking of them and how they make your life complete.

That’s what friendmates are for: gaming and doing a keg stand, acting out all crazy, twerking at home with a bottle of wine and filming it, or googling your favorite actors or actresses shirtless when you should be studying instead. 


You stand by each other and you support each other’s life goals, aims, and relationship choices even if the whole world is against it. You know what makes you happy, so you help that happiness become reality.

There are rare exceptions like toxic relationships, but other than that, you have your best friend’s back because your fights are their fights too.

They are not just any person – they are your special friend, the one that gets you, the one that can slap you in your face and laugh at you when you trip and ruin your new shoes, but console you when you fail your job interview. 


Real friendships do not vanish because of a temporary distance. You pick up where you left off.

Even if one of you moves to a different country, you still hang on social media because that bond you have is inextricable. Your face time is not any less despite your different geographic locations or time zones or even schedules.

You always find the time for chitchat, you send each other pictures and videos of what you’re doing at the moment, and that is precious. 


Relationships do not cloud your friendship. Whether single or taken, you always find the time to hang out. Also, you are always there when you need each other.

You don’t do the classic ghosting like I can come drinking or watch a movie with you, but I am not available to listen to you when you go through a rough patch or accompany you to your dentist’s appointment because I know you are scared.

Nora Connel