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Be Grateful For All The Lessons Learned: Breakups And Failures Are Supposed To Happen


I am grateful. I am grateful for my life. For the air I breathe. For the wind and the grass, the sun and the flowers, the oceans, the seas, and the rivers. I am grateful for the chirping birds and the summer rain. Nature is beautiful. It has healing powers. 

I am grateful for my existence, yes, right now, at this moment, I exist. I see everything that’s around me. I soak in the beauty of this world.

I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for my job. 

I am grateful for my friends. I am grateful for my health. 

I don’t think I’ve said that before. 

We often take things for granted. We get bored, we waste our precious time here on Earth behind our big smartphone screens instead of seizing every opportunity to be around the people we love. We take nature for granted too. 

Get up and start sharing. Love. Positivity. Shut down your phone and go somewhere in nature. Soak in everything you see and hear. 

Yes, I am grateful. For the people who didn’t give up on me. For the people who helped me heal from the things I had no courage to discuss and confess.

I am grateful for the lessons life taught me. I am grateful for my failures. I am grateful for all the broken relationships. They were supposed to happen, so I could learn and appreciate the real things when they came my way.

Gratitude is the highest form of appreciating someone. It makes you an eternal giver in a sea of takers. It sparks your soul with joy: knowing the value of everything you have, makes you want to run a marathon and scream from the rooftops how lucky you are. 

Gratitude makes you happier. If you feel like your life is tedious and repetitive, look around you. See the potential. See everything you have, acknowledge it. It immediately makes you feel whole and complete. Happy. There is no other word to describe that feeling.

So be grateful. To God, the universe, the sky. Gratitude makes you a happier, more forgiving person. It changes your perspective of life. It lifts you up. Reach out and touch the stars. 

Nora Connel