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When She Is Sweet But A Psycho… – The Danger Of The ‘Femme Fatale’


“Oh, she’s sweet but a psycho
A little bit psycho
At night she’s screamin’
“I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind”

These days I’ve been listening to Ava Max’s song “Sweet but Psycho,” and I started wondering, are there more female psychos than men?

When we hear the word “psychopath” we almost instinctively associate it with a man and a serial killer. But, are men the only ones to blame? We perceive women as being more loving, understanding, and caring than men. And men are the ones who are unfaithful, cold, and emotionally unavailable. Is this the truth?

What is psychopathy? Psychopathy is a disorder of the personality that is characterized by many abnormal emotional responses and behavioral traits, including lack of guilt, empathy or remorse, and being extremely deceitful and manipulative.

These ‘femme fatales’ use their magnetism, intelligence, lethal beauty, and alluring charisma to get the man they want, or get anything they want for that matter. These women stop at nothing when it comes to the things they desire.

“She’ll make you curse, but she a blessing
She’ll rip your shirt within a second
You’ll be coming back, back for seconds
With your plate, you just can’t help it”

She is intense in her emotions that are “going crazy” from love, passion, and excitement to anger and contempt in a matter of seconds. She is prone to rage, with jealousy being her driving force.

She abuses her partners emotionally and sometimes physically. She looks to find adoration and excitement from them. She wants them to be their lapdogs. She wants to destroy all aspects of their life so that she can become a center of their world.

She doesn’t want to see them making their own decisions. She will masterfully engineer situations until she completely has the whole control over the whole relationship.

“No, no, you’ll play along
Let her lead you on, on, on
You’ll be saying, “No, no”
Then saying, “Yes, yes, yes”
‘Cause she messin’ with your head”

She is volatile and violent, but only behind closed doors. She has a very high sex drive but hides it so well from society because she wants to appear as a nice and normal woman, while in fact, she is a sexual predator. She isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. She loves making men weak in her hands.

“See, someone said, “Don’t drink her potions”
She’ll kiss your neck with no emotion
When she’s mean, you know you love it
‘Cause she tastes so sweet, don’t sugarcoat it”

And you can’t resist them. You dream about them. You think about them all day and night. You want them in your life because they make you feel so many things. They make you feel alive and wanting to be dead at the same time.

You always come back for more. You cannot leave a woman like that because you are addicted to her. And it’s very hard to kick your addiction because it is so mesmerizing, and it feels so good.

Grab a cop gun kinda crazy
She’s poison but tasty
Yeah, people say, “Run, don’t walk away”

As for her, she doesn’t regret the things she has done, but she does regret that she is that way. Sometimes, she wishes to be an empathetic, loving, and honest person. She is just a beautiful exterior with no chance of ever changing.

And you can decide whether the pain is worth for all the passion and excitement you will get…

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Mary Wright