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When Missing A Lost Loved One, Listen To This Song – It Will Calm Your Heart And Soul


Everyone experiences a loss at some point in their life. That’s the cycle of life. But, it is extremely hard and heartbreaking when you get to face a heart-wrenching reality that your loved person is now resting in Heaven with God.

When you feel like the pain is too much and all you want is to have just more day with them to hug them, kiss them, and tell them everything you didn’t tell them – you can close your eyes, and find comfort in this brilliant song.

To all those beautiful souls out there who have lost a loved one. To all people who miss someone that is now in Heaven.

Share this song with anyone who needs it. Let’s spread the love.

Mary Wright

Mary Wright is a professional writer with more than 10 years of incessant practice. Her topics of interest gravitate around the fields of the human mind and the interpersonal relationships of people.
Mary Wright