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This Is How You Say Goodbye To The Ones You Love The Most


Life is not fair for all of us. As much as we like to believe that true love will find us all and that we’ll get to meet our dream person and love them for all eternity, sometimes the reality is just disappointing.

And it was pretty much the same for you, wasn’t it?

You dedicated your whole life on that person. You gave your soul away, you did everything to make them happy, you fought until your last breath. You tried to salvage what’s left of your relationship, but little did you know… there was nothing left to be salvaged.

No word, no action, no hint, no nothing from him to let you know that he is ready to fight beside you and make things work again. Because he wasn’t ready. Because he never loved you the same way you loved him. He never thought of you as his ‘forever’. He never chose you.

You loved him from the very depths of your heart, and he crushed you.

He broke your heart.

He tore your soul apart, and just like that, he walked away. He walked away without saying “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this”. He walked away without giving you the closure that you desperately needed. He walked away without giving a damn just how bad his actions wounded you. He walked away completely aware that he just ruined another person’s life.

A person who loved him more than words can say.

And while I know that this is too much for you to take in, I have to tell you something.

You need to stop blaming yourself. Let’s be honest. There was nothing you could have done differently if you held on to him a bit longer. There was nothing you could have changed if you stayed.  He was going to do it regardless of your decision. You shouldn’t regret your decisions, because, I’m telling you, you weren’t powerful enough to make him love you.

None of us is when it comes to love.

Cut yourself some slack and hear me out for a bit.

Your wounds are fresh. Your body is aching with pain. Your mind feels lost. Your heart tortured. Your soul faded. You are no longer the person you used to be.

Now, feel all of that. Let these sensation flow through your body for as much as they need to. Cry your eyes out, isolate yourself completely, dive inside the ocean of your sorrows, drown yourself in your sadness. Scream as loud as you can. Experience the feeling of pain. Let it all in. Embrace it. Because all of this is just a part of you. A part of who you are.

Do whatever you need, but make sure to find a way to cope with your reality.

The rest of it will take care of its own. In time, everything will fall in its place. Believe me. The pain will sting your heart and the road will be difficult, but if you take your lessons with you on your journey, I promise that you will be fine. You will grow. And you will 

So, please. Do not give up now.

Fight hard and live.

Live life to the fullest and let go of all the pain in your heart.


At the end of the day, that is why our hearts break. Because it is the only way we can say goodbye to our loved ones and let our memories of them fly away in the distant sky.

Stephanie Reeds