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When A Woman Is Done With You – Man She Is Done, And You Can’t Do Anything About It

when a woman is done with a relationship

Even though it is true that when a woman is in love she is vulnerable to do everything for the relationship, it is also true that a woman who is aware of her self-worth will walk away when she realizes that her efforts are not being reciprocated. 

When A Woman Is Done With You – Man She Is Done. When a woman realizes that the relationship is causing her more pain than happiness – then she finally gives up on you.

And she won’t turn back.

In fact, one of the hardest things is to leave someone you love – but when you finally decide to leave it is the easiest thing in the world.

When you take your woman for granted, be prepared to watch her leave. And when she makes up her mind that she deserves better – there is no turning back. There is nothing you can do or say that’ll make her stay.

Because, when a woman has done everything in her power to save the relationship, eventually she’ll realize that she has no reason to stay.

When she is fighting fiercely for you only to realize that she is fighting alone, at that point she will know that leaving you is not only her best option but her only option. (1)

Because she was feeling alone for a long time.

A relationship that is strong and healthy is a relationship that is formed out of two mentally and physically present individuals that are there for each other.

When a woman feels that you are not present, that everything in your life is more important than spending time with her, and that she cannot turn to you for support – moving away from you and starting to work on herself will be her next choice.

Because she feels that you no longer love her.

A woman who loves you and is faithful to you will expect the same amount of love and faithfulness from you.

A genuine woman will love and care for you if you love and care for her. If you don’t treat her right or you start to wither away from her – she will leave you because she doesn’t want a relationship in which she feels that she is not loved.

And the sad thing is, that you’ll understand her worth and her love when you’ll lose her. And it will haunt you because it will be too late for you to change anything and bring her back.

Because she is done being taken for granted.

When a woman starts feeling that she is putting more effort into the relationship than you and that you started to take her for granted – that’s when you’ll lose her. A quality woman will never let anyone take her for granted. She knows her worth and she is determined to walk away from anyone who doesn’t respect her.

Finally, deep inside, she knows that she deserves better.

Gentlemen, a woman who loves you will communicate her needs with you. She will even tell you how she wants to be loved. You just have to listen to her.

If you are not listening to her, and if you are not trying to make your relationship better, guess what? She’ll give up on you. And she is not saying those things to nag you. She is only trying to save your relationship. If you can’t understand this – then, you don’t deserve her.


Mary Wright


  1. I wish the guy I dumped 20 years ago would come across this article, take it to heart, and stop trying to come back. The relationship was 100% my effort, 0% his. He was like a princess in his receiving energy. I talked to him about it and he’d sit there stone-faced and silent. Finally I wrote him a “Dear John” letter where I tried to remember how our relationship was in the beginning, but I was the only one in it after that. I was nice about it and I guess that gave him hope because he tracked me down, and a half dozen times now, he’s followed me around saying I’m exactly what he wants. I don’t acknowledge him because he’s acting like a stalker and, at this point, we’re total strangers. I don’t talk to strange men. I wasn’t even attracted to him by the time I dumped him. 20 years later I don’t even recognize him. And the funniest thing about me being what he wants is that he doesn’t know anything about me other than what I did for him. That, and I look pretty much the same. They always try to come back, usually within a couple months or years — but DECADES later?! I’m not available. Even if I were, it wouldn’t be him.


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