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The Dark Side Of Empathy – What Every Empath Needs To Know


The people around you may not understand you, but you understand them. Yes, you, being an empath, you understand everything perfectly well – both the light and the dark side of the world. It is both a gift and a curse being able to understand everything and feel every vibration and energy as if someone was plucking the strings of your soul with thousands of fingers.

You are the person that others turn to when they need to talk because they see you as someone who is a great listener and also a stable and reliable person. Your sensitive nature is actually the reason why people come to you with their emotional turmoils. You might be oversensitive when it comes to your emotions, but when it comes to handling the emotions of others you are a master.

Of course, other people don’t know what’s happening inside you. They don’t see that deep inside you have a raging spirit of contrasting feelings, all banded together to create an ever-lasting and overwhelming noise that is almost impossible to silence.

Sometimes you even feel like there is an invisible hand that is grabbing tightly your neck – an enormous pressure that it takes every bit of your strength to breathe and not suffocate.

The worst are the unexpected negative shifts in energy. They come to you completely out of the blue and hit you like a ton of bricks, leaving you confused, distressed, and desolated.

Unfortunately, the thing that you can feel the most is the immense amount of negative energy that is everywhere around you. All the evil and dark energies, all the suffering and all the heartache in the world is making you depressed. These malevolent forces are stronger than the benevolent ones which have no power in lifting you up. It is as if this world is not designed for people like you.

You feel everything deeply and intensely. When it comes to your emotions – there is no middle ground. You feel everything to the extremes or you feel nothing at all. Living your life in a constant state of heightened senses and feelings makes you often physically and mentally exhausted. However, you do your best to hold yourself together.

Sometimes you feel lonely and isolated. Even though you may be surrounded by a bunch of people, all their energies can make you feel lost. This is why you are prone to get attracted to people who want to take advantage of you. Because your desire to be accepted and loved by others is so great that you become an easy prey for narcissists and manipulators.

You, being the loving and kind empath, fail to see all the dangers that are surrounding you. You think that everyone is as good as you are. You don’t see the evil intentions of others because you don’t have malicious thoughts. This naivety and your tendency to only see the good in others could lead to a heartbreak when you discover the cruel truth.

You resist seeing your soft heart, your selflessness, and your sensitivity as burdens on your life because you don’t want to see the truth and you are afraid to face your own demons. You would rather walk around feeling every weight of the world on your shoulders rather than liberating yourself by seeing your own pain in front of you.

However, avoiding your true feelings will not do you any good. It will only drive you to a verge of despair and completely losing yourself by failing to address the real problem.

And speaking in the matters of love, you guard your heart fiercely and you are not likely to give yourself entirely to a romantic partner. This is why you often feel regret and sadness.

You are afraid that if you open yourself to a partner, you can only love them with a sheer, unbridled, and raw form of love and you are not sure whether they can reciprocate to the intensity of your love.

So, your solution is to shield yourself and never reveal your true feelings. You hold yourself back to protect yourself from the possible heartache. But deep inside, you long to embrace and experience love in all its force and passion because that’s the only thing that truly matters to you.

Empathy is a powerful, yet extremely challenging gift and you should not let it defeat you. The malevolent forces don’t have to always win. You have the control over your life and over your emotions. Choose to let down your guard and look at your wounds and pain and acknowledge them to heal them.

And remember, you are a rare gift to this world! Don’t lose your empathy. Never give up. There is always hope for a better tomorrow.

Mary Wright


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