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5 Common Types Of Empaths: Find Out What Kind Of Empath Are You!


Yes, empaths are the purest individuals who have ever walked this Earth. They have a heart of gold, an immense compassion for every living human being, and a loving hand that is always there to help a person in need.

But, due to their extremely receptive and genuine soul, empaths can also absorb energies that have the power to affect them negatively. They can sense a person’s ulterior motive. They can feel every negative vibration.

However, as a result, they end up hurt and misguided in today’s cruel world. They have a little knowledge about what they truly possess inside their hearts. They are misunderstood and judged.

 And so, they become the perfect target for greedy and shallow individuals.

If you feel like you’ve recognized your soul in this article and you identify yourself as an empath, there are some essential things you need to understand.

People will always do what they do best. Deceive you. They will always try to get everything they crave, even if that means hurting someone else to get there.

That’s why you need to learn to protect yourself.  You need to be able to do everything in your power to preserve your energy. But to do so, you first need to find out what kind of empath are you.

It is essential to understand your weaknesses, as well as your strengths.

Self-love and self-appreciation are the only keys to leading a meaningful and peaceful life.

Here are the most common types of empaths. Read on and don’t forget to share with us in the comment section.

 Let’s find out which one are you!


Being an emotional empath means being capable of picking up human emotions and energies. It is the most common ability among the empaths.

Emotional empathy is the ability to absorb other people’s happiness, sorrow or confusion and experiencing all the effects of those emotions as if they were yours.

It is the possibility of seeing the world from a different perspective. In other words, emotional empaths can easily put themselves in another person’s shoes.


Have you ever felt the sickness and discomfort of staying close to an ill person? If you’re aware of this feeling, then you might be, what we call a medical/physical empath.

When a person possesses the unique power of sensing people’s physical conditions, they can see every blockage in their energy field. They become completely aware of the physical body because their intuition helps them pick up every symptom from other people.

Even if they’re miles apart, a physical empath will feel the difficulty in a person they love.

As a result, most of these remarkable creatures have the potential to become divine healers.


Also known as environmental empaths, these incredible human beings have the unique ability to immediately connect with a certain place.

The second they set foot in a certain room, an old house, or a museum, they feel a profound connection with the people who once lived there, the spirits who are still roaming the empty hallways, and every event that occurred in that particular place.

They are strangely drawn to places, churches, sacred tombs, and nature. Their peculiar gift makes them highly attuned to the natural world, so as a result, they feel every damage to it.

If you feel like you have a strong connection with the outside world, you need to start recharging by spending more time in nature. Try to make your surroundings more beautiful and serene.


Many empaths have a powerful connection with animals. You might know them as “animal whisperers”. They’ve established a unique and beautiful bond with animals and devoted their lives to caring and preserving our wild friends.

Animal empaths have the power to use telepathy in order to understand the creature’s needs. If you also feel like you can communicate with animals and you feel the safest around them, you too might be an animal empath.


Last but never least, the claircognizant empath. These awesome human beings are basically our shields. They have the power to protect us from low-frequency vibrations.

Claircognizant or intuitive empaths can pick up all sorts of information about people, by simply being in their presence.

A person can only walk by, and the empath might get instantly bombarded with all the accumulated energy and information about the individual.

They’ll immediately know when you’re lying, so don’t bother using your dirty tricks on them. These individuals resonate to other energetic fields and have the ability to sense even the fastest thought or emotion.

So, if you feel like an intuitive empath, my advice to you is to surround yourself with people who complement your nature. Make sure to protect yourself by strengthening your energetic field.

Stephanie Reeds


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