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When A Strong Woman Walks Away, Nothing You Can Do Will Change That


She loved you and did everything she could to make you happy. That doesn’t mean that if you f*ck up, she’s just going to accept it and move on. A woman like her knows her worth and she knows that she deserves more than a relationship that doesn’t make her happy.

Don’t take her kindness for weakness, because she won’t forgive and forget so easily if you betray her. When a strong woman walks away, nothing you can do will change that.

She’s Too Smart to Fall for Games

Her time is valuable and she’s sure as hell not going to waste it playing along with your childish games. If you try to play her, she’s going to see past it and drop you on the spot. Her time is much better spent on someone who respects her enough to act like an adult, not like some child on the schoolyard.

Don’t think that she’ll fall for your sh*t either. She’s way too smart to be fooled by someone like you. A woman like that can smell deceit from a mile away and knows to stay the as far away from it as she can at all cost. So don’t waste your time trying to mess with someone like her. If you do, you’ll just lose her.

She’s Strong Enough To Leave and Never Look Back

When she’s gone, she’s gone, so just remember that. You only get one shot with a woman as amazing as her, so you better not mess it up. If you lie to her, betray her, or do anything that you know will make her unhappy, she’s not going to put up with it.

She knows what she really wants and needs in a relationship. What she needs most is someone to support her, love her, and, most of all, respect her. If you’re not willing to give her those things and put in the effort to make the relationship work, then just forget about it.

If she likes you, she really will give you a chance at the start. She’ll love you with her whole heart and try to make your life fuller and brighter every day. If you want to keep the happiness that she brings you, you better work hard for it. Messing it all up will mean that you lose her forever, and she will never be coming back.

She’s Going to Move On

Miss her all you want to, but you know that it’s because of you that you lost her. You can dream about getting her back, but it will always stay a dream. She meant it when she left and she’s not going to take it back just because you want her to forgive you and give you a second chance.

A woman like her has so much to give and she’s going to find someone who’s willing to give in return. She’ll find someone new who’ll appreciate what they have when they have her. Trust me when I say that she won’t give a second thought to you, so you might as well just move on.

A strong woman does not say goodbye if she doesn’t mean it. When she’s done, she’s done for good. She won’t be putting another second of her time into something that she knows isn’t working for her. Moving on from you will be the best decision that she ever made. Because of it, she now has the chance to live her best life.

To the strong women reading this, you deserve so much better than someone who doesn’t fully appreciate you. You are far too amazing for someone like that.

Eva Jackson