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2018, You’ve Been Great – Thank You For All Of Your Lessons


As we are slowly approaching the end of this amazing, yet very challenging year, and everyone is busy finishing this year’s tasks, while coming up with the new year’s resolutions, I feel that I really want to share my overall impression of my 2018 journey.

2018, you’ve been great. In fact, you’ve been wonderful. And I am thankful beyond words for all of your lessons.

You helped me understand the things that I’ve desperately struggled to accept. You taught me to never let my failures discourage me from moving forward. You taught me to never let my losses hold me back. In fact, you helped me realize that my failures are what make me stronger. Braver. More knowledgeable. You taught me that they’re stepping stones, not obstacles. And I finally got to learn that every step we make is for a certain reason. Whether it’s a fall or a rise, every single move we make counts.

You taught me that my insecurities are a part of me, but you also helped me understand that they’re weighing me down. You made me realize that if I really wanted to do something with my life, eventually I would have to take a leap of faith and risk. Because it is exactly when we abandon our comfort zones, that we gain the strength and the courage to continue going upward.

It was not an easy year, I give you that, but it was the most important period of my life.

2018, you opened my eyes to the truth and helped me realize that not every person in my life is worthy of my love and my energy. You showed me that sometimes the ones we really believe in, leave us without even saying goodbye. And they eventually make us stronger by doing so. They eventually help us understand that they were never in for the long run.

2018, you took a lot of people away from me, but you welcomed new, amazing human beings into my life. You showed me that people change, separations hurt, but everything that is happening is happening for a good reason. It is all a part of the metanoia we all experience in life. It’s called evolving, growing and expanding.

2018, this rollercoaster ride with you was scary, but at the same time, it was challenging. It brought me back my hopes, my enthusiasm and most importantly, it gave me faith. Faith in myself that I can overcome everything that presents itself as an obstacle in my life.

There were tears, there were sleepless nights, there were storms, there were lonely nights, bad choices, heartbreaks, terrible mistakes, but then again, there were also bright days, laughter, amazing friendships, a lot of unlocked achievements, good opportunities, sweet victories, and a looot of love.

So, thank you.

Thank you for making me who I am today. I’m thankful for your blessings as much as I’m thankful for all the pain and sorrow I went through.  Because, without all of that, I wouldn’t be sitting here today, writing this article. Without all of it, I wouldn’t have become the person I am.

Stephanie Reeds