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No, They Are Not Emotionally Wounded – They Are Just Assholes


The sad truth about us humans is that we tend to always justify the actions of other people, especially those that we care about.

Actually, we want to justify ourselves why we are in love with someone who clearly doesn’t care about us and takes our love for granted. That’s why we make all kinds of excuses for their obnoxious behavior.

We start feeling foolish for loving someone who is neither a good person for us nor are they good person in general. However, our heart refuses to give them up.

And the sadder thing is that they’ve made it clear from the beginning who they are. They showed us they are not willing to commit. They showed us they are not the right person for us. They are making us suffer. We are in pain. Yet, here we are – desperately clinging onto them and calling our obsession love.

Even though they are complete jerks most of the time, every time we decide to leave them, they do something to bring us back. They know they are our weakness. They can smell our desperation. They know how much love they should give us to keep us around, and they always give us the bare minimum.

Let’s wake up! Let’s see our partner for who they really are. Let’s see them for the complete idiots they are.

Enough with the excuses. They are not emotionally broken and damaged. They are only assholes. Don’t let them fool you.

Stop saying that they are the way they are because they’ve been hurt in the past. That’s not an excuse to treat someone like shit. We’ve all been hurt at some point in life, but that pain hasn’t made us bad people.

Stop letting toxic people like this steal away your happiness. You are a wonderful person and you deserve someone as loving and caring as you by your side.

Mary Wright