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When A Strong Woman Says Goodbye There Is No Turning Back


A strong woman says goodbye differently than other women. Her strength won’t allow her to cry and be sad for a long time. She won’t be convincing you to stay. She won’t put the blame on you or try to make you feel sorry for her. She is a woman who doesn’t force anything in life. She has an understanding heart and she sees the separation for what it is.

A strong woman will let anyone leave because she knows that we don’t own anyone and that most of the time people are only there to stay for a certain period of time, but when they leave, life continues to go on. Therefore, this woman will always respect your decision to leave her because she wants you to be happy and she wants happiness for herself as well and she cannot be happy around someone who has decided they want to move on.

She is a survivor. She has survived many times before and she will survive every time. This woman is a warrior and she fights her battles alone. She understands that love, attention, and respect are things that should be given freely without asking the other person for them because true love should be easy and effortless.

A strong woman knows that every ending is a new beginning, therefore she doesn’t see breakups as something tragic. Moreover, she is not afraid to let everything go and start anew. She may get tired of being taken for granted and leave you out in the cold, but she will never regret being with you and loving you.

Her bravery and fearlessness allow her heart to open again after being broken for the millionth time. This woman won’t ever lose her hope that there are still good people out there who will never betray her and leave her side. She knows her worth and she decided that she will always follow her heart no matter what, regardless of your presence or absence.

When this woman decides that it is time to say goodbye, she won’t mourn the loss of you. Rather, she will raise up like a phoenix from the ashes and she will shine brighter than ever before.

She will not only survive the breakup, but she will fulfill all her dreams. She will pursue her goals and focus on becoming the best version of herself. She will literally turn her pain into power.


Therefore, when you realize you have made a mistake for letting her go, it will be too late. Because when this woman moves on, she moves on for real. She never lives in the past. Her eyes are focused solely on the future. And it will be at that moment that you’ll understand that she didn’t lose you – you lost her.

Mary Wright