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Good People Give Free Hugs At Pride Parade To Children Who Got Rejected By Their Parents


Everyone needs hugs. Hugs are essential for our health, growth, and overall wellbeing.

Luckily, there were good people at Austin’s Pride parade who were offering free hugs to lift the spirits of the young people.

Everyone needs support in their life and these people offered LGBTQ youth the love and the support they never received from their families. This is a common occurrence when members of the LGBTQ community find themselves disregarded and rejected by their closest friends and family members.

Every person deserves understanding, love, and support. Everyone needs to have role models who will have their back. Fortunately, these people have in some way become the father or mother figures that these young people never had.

Jen Hatmaker, an author, blogger, and a speaker, spoke about the difference that her “mom hugs” made at the Austin Pride Parade. She posted a photo on Instagram and a story from the event on August 12, and people showed her massive support.


She says that she hugged many people and most of them opened up to her and told her how good she made them feel. Some of them told her that they missed being hugged from their parents and that they didn’t even speak to them in years. Then they would go on and hug her some more.

She was telling them that they are loved and valued and that’s what these young people longed to hear.

This moment was very emotional, and Jen said that she left the event feeling incredibly happy and her heart was filled with love.

This wonderful example of supportive parenting is a perfect example of the form of inclusivity and acceptance that the LGBTQ movement desires to achieve. These parents show how by doing small acts of kindness we can help each other and we can help bring people together. Because you never know how something as small as a hug can often mean the world to someone.

Image source: instagram

Mary Wright