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Being Single Is Better Than Being In An Almost Relationship


Having no one to text you is better than being with someone who leaves you on “seen” after sending them a detailed text message.

Being home alone by yourself, watching Netflix or reading a book, is better than wasting your time getting dressed up for your date with them and having them cancel at the last minute.

Going out and having fun with your friends is better than waiting for them to drunk text you and tell you they miss you and invite you to their home.

Having the freedom to flirt and meet other people is better than being loyal to someone who is not loyal to you.

Sleeping alone is better than staying awake waiting for them to come home to you or send you a goodnight text.

Being single is better than chasing after someone who is still looking for the ‘next best’ thing because they don’t want to commit and settle down.

Touching yourself and giving yourself the love you need is better than sleeping with someone who only sees you as a sex object even though they know you love them and want more from them.

Focusing on yourself, your friends, family, and your work is better than spending your time deciphering the text he sent you and their Instagram photos they uploaded the night before.

Admitting to yourself that you still haven’t found the right person for you is better than trying to convince yourself that the toxic person will change because you two are “meant to be together.”

Being happy on your own is better than being with someone who makes your life miserable.

Being single is better than being in an almost relationship.

Never settle for almost. You deserve more. You deserve love. You deserve stability and understanding. You deserve loyalty. You deserve everything good because you are a good person with an enormous heart. You don’t deserve to be strung along by someone who doesn’t know what they want.

You deserve someone who can’t wait to spend all their life with you and not someone who doesn’t know whether they want to commit to you.

You are worth so much more than an almost relationship. So, until you find the person who is worthy of you, it’s better to stay single.  

Mary Wright