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What Self-Worth Really Is And What It Isn’t


What is self-worth? What really determines a person’s value?

There are 4 factors that are most common when it comes to people defining their self-worth:

1. Occupation – There are people who are mean to waiters but nice to CEOs and doctors because the latter is more successful than the former. So, profession and career choices really do bring one person’s self-worth up or down.

2. Physical and emotional appearance – Most people judge others by their outward look – they look at how they speak, what they wear, etc. Also, we judge others by how other people see and feel about them.

3. Possessions – This aspect is very common in determining one’s self-worth. From the apartment you live to the car you drive, there are people who are measuring their self-worth based solely on what they own.

4. Sphere of contact – Many people link their self-worth to the famous and prominent people they know.

However, possessions and status should not be things that one uses to measure self-worth. After all…

Self-worth is not your career!

Self-worth is not your age!

Self-worth is not how rich you are!

Self-worth is not your accomplishments!

Self-worth is not your marital status!

Self-worth is not your grades!

Self-worth is only about you and who you are as a person.

Self-worth allows you to accept and love your weaknesses while focusing on your strengths. Self-worth is being your own best friend instead of being your own worst enemy. The choice is yours.

Self-worth makes you a better person. It affects everything you do. When your sense of self-worth is high, you focus on the positive things and let all the negativity go. And your life becomes more meaningful as a result.

If your self-worth is low and you want to do something about it, you can start with finding the strength you have inside of you. Find your strengths. Things you’re good at. Those are your assets. They will remind you of your worth and value as a person in times when you are full of self-doubts.

Then, forgive yourself for your shortcomings and mistakes. Learn from them. Embrace them.

And take risks. The more the better. It is a boost to your confidence and it will raise your self-worth. Do great things for you and you’ll notice the change.

Finally, surround yourself with happy and positive people. People who can lift you up whenever you fall energetically.

And don’t be afraid to lose friends because you will lose them in the process of regaining your sense of self-worth. But, that shouldn’t matter to you because those were never good friends to you.

Take care.

Mary Wright