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When You Are With The Right Person, You Won’t Have Eyes For Anyone Else

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When you are with the person who is committed to you, the person who chooses you every single day, the person who is always there for you, the person whose hearts only beats for you, the person who thinks of you as a part of them, as a part of their destiny – then you won’t have eyes for anyone else.

Fall in love with the person who feels like the happiest person for having you in their life. Someone who holds your hand and never lets you go. Someone whose eyes sparkle with love and joy whenever you are near them. Someone who doesn’t need anyone as long as they have you.

The person who loves you, the one who adores you, the one who knows your heart and soul, won’t have eyes for anyone else other than you.

The one who is committed to you will do anything to make you happy. They will make love feel easy and effortless. They will be your biggest supporter and motivator. You will become a better person because of them.

When you are with them, you will feel truly loved and cared for. This person knows your worth and respects both you and your opinion. They consider you their best friend and their lover. They love everything about you – flaws and all.

But most of all, they want to build a life with you.

Therefore, stop settling for less. You are worthy of love. You deserve to have someone who won’t have eyes for anyone else. You deserve to be loved with passion and by someone who knows what they have when they have you.

Mary Wright