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True Love Takes Time: There’s A Difference Between The Good Love And The Right Love

True Love Takes Time

Love is a work in progress, I am thinking as I twirl a strand of hair around my fingers. I read that somewhere; it makes sense. 

Taking someone for granted is not real love. You have to invest yourself and be there for that person through the good and the bad too. 

Beginnings are fairytales: easy and sweet. Unfortunately, life leaves us with reality: the sombre fact that love is more than just a fling.

You have to revive and rekindle the romance because maybe you have reached a point where you are too busy and you are not alone. You have jobs, kids, old parents to look after.

You have to find the time to re-connect no matter how hard your responsibilities try to drift you apart and remind yourself why you started together.

Love is more than just dating. You have to be willing to listen to your partner’s traumas, fears, their hidden prejudices towards the world, and accept them. It’s what unconditional love is about. 

Mistrust is the worm in the apple and in a mature relationship you can’t have that. 

A mature relationship is not the movies, it’s existence: the ability to stay beside someone no matter what, to lend an ear, to communicate, to share, and to provide support. To go on dates even if you are 50 years old not because there is passion, but because you are best friends, and friendship should be celebrated. 

You should celebrate you – as a team, as a couple. You should celebrate the years you spent together, the s*it you went through, and how well you overcame all your differences and obstacles. Against all odds. 

 A healthy relationship may not just fall into your lap. You have to go through the ugliness and toxicity of shady relationships to get ready for the person who will be loyal, dedicated, non-judgmental, selfless, reliable, and caring. 

You have to go through the wrong ones to become more patient and more mature because there is a difference between good love and the right love.

So, when the right person comes your way – you will keep them. 

God renders us the things we want not necessarily when we want them, but when we are ready. 

Nora Connel