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I Am Strong Enough To Overcome This Pain, And So Are You

I Am Strong Enough To Overcome This Pain, And So Are You

There is strength in you, even if you can’t feel it. There is power in you, even if you cannot sense it.

The fact that you are still here, writing about this, talking with your friends, crying, screaming, existing, working on yourself, and even doubting yourself is a sign that you haven’t given up. That instead of surrendering to your fears you’ve decided to get back on your feet and move on. That you are doing something to help yourself. That you are carrying on regardless of the pain.

That’s strength, my dear.

There are moments when we feel anything but strength. And honestly, we’ve all been there. Moments when life pushes us to the edge and we’re left with little to no will to carry on. Moments when the pain inside our hearts is greater than our hopes. Moments when we lose our sense of self. Moments when we are too weak on our own to be strong for someone else. Moments when getting up in the morning it’s our biggest success in months. Moments when we just want to stay inside, be miserable, and just feel sorry about ourselves. There are moments when we don’t show strength.

But that is indeed strength. As paradoxical as it may sound, feeling that way, but finding a way to carry on, regardless of what we are going through deep inside is strength.

If we are still there despite all the hardships and all the fears, we are strong. If we are living through our personal struggle, if we have chosen to cope with our anxiety in a certain way, if we are capable of expressing love to ourselves, our family, and our friends, we are strong.

Strength is not always about what you do. Sometimes, strength is not doing anything, but rather being still. Being brave to go through yet another day. Allowing yourself to feel what you truly feel deep down. Accepting the sadness as a part of you. Crying yourself to sleep. Withstanding pressure. Surviving your greatest fears. Facing your scariest nightmares. Letting the people around you finally see your tears. Breaking down, only to see yourself rise up once again.

That’s what being strong means. It is a quality, a trait, an attribute that grows only in those moments when you think you can’t go on, but you still decide to withstand the pain and just follow the road.

So, I know that I am strong enough. I’ve struggled enough to finally realize that it is exactly my willpower and my strength that guide me in this life. That without them, life is nothing but just a road.

I am strong enough to overcome anything that life faces me with. Even this. I am strong enough to handle every experience along the way. I am strong enough to accept every challenge and let it teach me. I am strong enough to stand up for myself. I am strong enough to withstand society’s pressure. I am strong enough to heal myself.

I am strong enough to overcome this pain, and so are you.

Stephanie Reeds