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When You Surround Yourself With Toxic People Your Life Will Turn Into A Disaster

How to Pull Away from Toxic People, and Who to Replace Them With

Just like the food and the environment have toxins, there are people who do toxic things, and with their behavior harm others. Toxic people spread negativity wherever they go. They make others unhappy and poison their hearts with toxicity. They can destroy other people’s careers, marriages, businesses, and lives.

Toxic people are users. They diminish your confidence, point out your flaws, and stop you from doing anything that will make you feel happy and succeed in life. If anything, they will try to take advantage of your good nature and use you for their own gains.

It is easy to recognize a toxic person. Toxic people are the ‘cancer’ of society. They are constantly insecure and unhappy and they mask their unhappiness with a mask of arrogance and pride.

They say hurtful things to your face and then tell you you are being overly sensitive if you react to their insults. They leave you emotionally and energetically drained. They do anything to sabotage your success because they can’t stand seeing anyone be better than them. But if you catch them doing so, they will tell you that they were protecting you from failure and disappointment. That’s how dangerous these people are.

And if you think that you can change them, you are wrong. Their toxicity is deeply engraved inside of them and there is no cure for it. Plus, most of them are not even aware they are toxic.

Therefore, the best approach is to avoid them as much as you can. You should protect yourself and your energy by surrounding yourself with ‘nutric’ people (from the Latin word Nutricis, meaning to nourish, support, and foster growth and development).

Plus, data has shown that a person’s resilience and their ability to overcome failures and get back on their feet is mainly a result of being supported by another person (cf. Everly & Lating, 2019). Success and happiness in life are linked to having someone who believes in you, someone who supports you, someone who cares about you and nourishes your hopes and dreams.

A person who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself is unworthy of your time.

Mary Wright