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True Love Is Based On Honesty And Growth While Toxic Love Is Based On Lies And Manipulation. Learn The Difference

True Love Is Full Of Growth Toxic Love Is Full Of Manipulation, Know The Difference

Many people still can’t recognize toxic love from true love. They fail to realize that true love will never make you doubt yourself, it is never selfish, it will never make you feel like you are in the middle of a battle. Toxic love, on the other hand, is full of suspicion and jealousy. It is full of lies, tears, and manipulation. 

If you wonder whether you are in a toxic relationship, the mere fact that you are wondering means that the love you have with your partner is toxic. Toxic love judges, controls, and inflicts pain. True love is all about growth and inspiring each other to be better people. True love is full of love, compassion, care, trust, understanding, and acceptance.

Of course, there are toxic people who are able to pretend they are in love and what you have is special and true, but their mask will fall off sooner or later and you will see the kind of person they really are.

When a person really loves you, their actions will match their words. When you feel down in the dumps they will be there for you. They will care for you and protect you. When a person is toxic, however, they will be too selfish and self-centered to care about your feelings and they will leave you alone. And the more you try to make the relationship work, the worse it becomes.

Toxic love is cold. Toxic love doesn’t forgive. Toxic love thrives on pain and tears. It focuses on flaws. True love is not jealous. It’s not obsessive. It is about giving and caring about the other person.

Don’t settle for toxic love. Don’t fall into that trap. You will destroy yourself. Walk away when you notice the first signs of toxicity. Because the more toxic the connection is, the more disappointed and hurt you will be in the end.

When the love is true, you will grow together, not apart. You will be partners, not opponents.

So, don’t pretend you are in a healthy love when you know you are not. Lose the fantasy and find your true love.

Mary Wright