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A Person Who Loves You For Who You Are Is A Person Worth Keeping

A Person Who Loves You For Who You Are Is A Person Worth Keeping

They say live to tell. So, here I am. Open like a book. Ready to share my story with you. Willing to help you find your path. Determined to convince you that there is love out there. But, also here to let you know that not every person that comes knocking on your door deserves your attention. Here to help you understand that you are worthy. And that you deserve the entire world.

We all crave love. We all live, breathe, and yearn for it. But love shouldn’t be forced. It should come naturally. It should feel as light as the air that you breathe in. As refreshing as the water you crave on a warm summer afternoon. Love should lift you up, not bring you down.

Below are 7 signs that you’ve found someone who is not afraid to love you in a real sense of the word:

1. Your partner loves you for who you are. They don’t try to change you into something you are not. Quite on the contrary, they accept you with all their flaws, embrace your weirdness and not only love you but also worship you for the person you are.

2. They know how to make you laugh. Tell me, is there something purer than this? I think not. The measure of a good relationship is in the size of the smile two people in love have. If a person can make you laugh, they can make you do anything.

3. They support you one hundred percent. They give you space, but they are also there for you every time you need them. They are there to be your shoulder to cry on, and there to let you grieve on your own when you feel like it.

4. You feel like yourself when you are around them. There is no need to pretend or hide your insecurities. Because you are completely relaxed when you are with them. You feel like they know every part of you. Even those deep, dark corners of your soul that you so desperately once hid.

5. You share the same interests. Same movies, same music preference, same style, same hobbies, you two are practically the same person in two bodies. There are so many things about you that connect you, it is practically impossible to imagine your life without each other.

6. They treat you with respect. They are very well aware of your boundaries as well as your opinion when it comes to that. That is why they have nothing but respect and understanding for your time, your space, your opinions, and your needs.

7. They are very open-minded. About everything there is to life. They are the kind of person who doesn’t mean being wrong. The kind of person who accepts, understands, and embraces with their arms open wide. The kind of person who knows where they are in life and what they want from it. The kind of person who gives and gives and gives without expecting anything in return.

Stephanie Reeds