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True Friendships Don’t Happen Overnight: They Need Special Care To Grow Strong

True Friendship Doesn’t Happen Overnight

In this life, we come across a lot of people. Some pass by and help us learn some of the most valuable lessons, some break our hearts facing us with the dark side of love, and then there are some that come into our lives, find a place in our hearts and stay by our side forever. Those are the people that we call our best friends. Our life companions. Our true, destined, soulmates.

Now, the thing is, we all want that in life. Ultimately, that is what we all strive to create. But more than often, we make the biggest mistakes of our lives thinking that our friendships will magically last until the end of our lives. There is no such thing. A friendship needs special care to grow. It needs to be nurtured by both of the partners. You need to invest in it, make it work, commit to it, and look after it if you want to see it thrive.

1. True friendship is about supporting each other. Knowing what your friend’s heart yearns for and supporting them on their journey to achieving their goals. It’s not only about being their cheerleader but also about holding their hand and assuring them that everything will be okay when life gets hard.

2. True friendship is about being loyal to one another. It means having their back, but not only when they are around. Loyalty is about being there to defend them and protect the bond that we share especially when they are not around. It’s about knowing that we can always rely on them, no matter how far away they are from us.

3. True friendship is about finding a common language. It’s about accepting one another’s differences and loving each other for who we are. It’s about making compromises when it’s hard to carry on. About understanding how they feel, what they think, or do even when we don’t agree with them. It’s about accepting, rather than judging. Respecting each other’s decisions, opinions, values, rights, boundaries, space. Not overstepping and imposing our opinions on someone else, but rather agreeing to disagree.

4. True friendship is about being honest with each other. It’s choosing to always tell the truth before anything else. It’s being who you truly are without being afraid that your friend will judge you. It’s about appreciating each other even more when you decide to tell each other the truth. Knowing that they will always be there to make us aware of our mistakes and help us get back on our path.

5. True friendship is about being comfortable to be your true self before them. It’s knowing that no matter how flawed, imperfect, awkward, and difficult you sometimes are, they will always be there to accept and love every single part of you. Even the darkest ones. Even those that even you haven’t been able to face.

6. True friendship is about being able to forgive and move on. It’s about understanding that as humans, we will never stop making mistakes, accepting that fact, and choosing to forgive, instead of hold a grudge. True friendship is putting pride aside and choosing love above all else. Overcoming any issue with ease because deep down we know that no matter how difficult life gets, we will always have our friend beside us to understand us and forgive us and move on.

Stephanie Reeds