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True Friendship Means Making Sacrifices. It Means Showing Up

True Friendship Means Making Sacrifices. It Means Showing Up

There are a lot of lonely people in this world. And it is heart-breaking to think that we, humans, have forgotten the necessity of forming connections and emotional bonds with each other. We are taking friendships for granted instead of looking at them for what they are – a necessity.

And good and real friendships require constant effort and sacrifice. If you want to have good and loyal friends in your life, you have to be a good and loyal friend as well. If you only have time to meet with your friends twice a year, you’ll get twice-a-year depth and worth of friendship.

I understand that sometimes life gets in the way and as we grow older we don’t have as much time in your hands. I know at the end of the day we are all exhausted and depleted of energy to go out with friends. I get it. But the thing is, if you want close and deep bonds with your friends then you’ll have to make room in your busy schedule for your friends.

True Friendship Means Making Sacrifices

Because true friendship means showing up and making sacrifices.

It means being there for your friends both in good and in bad times. It means comforting them when they are sad. Buying them pizza and their favorite chocolate just because. Driving them to work when their car is in repair. Watching over their kids. Loving and supporting one another every time.

It means not disappearing when you or your friend hits a rough patch.

A few years back, I’ve suffered from depression. I couldn’t leave the house. During that time, there was a friend of mine who came over every day and talked to me. He listened to me, asked me about the things that were troubling me and was very patient with me. To this day I can’t forget the good that he has done for me. I will forever be grateful. He has become a part of my family.

True friendship means being in touch. Going out for a coffee. Texting each other. Talking on the phone. Going at their place with a bottle of wine and a night ahead of you for deep talks. It is knowing that little things matter the most when it comes to real bonds and friendships.

Of course, you cannot be close to everyone. True friendship means choosing the right people, the one who will have access to your heart.

Mary Wright