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Sometimes, Losing A Pet Can Be Much More Painful Than Losing A Loved One

Losing A Pet Can Be Much More Painful Than Losing A Loved One” is locked Sometimes, Losing A Pet Can Be Much More Painful Than Losing A Loved One

Pets are a blessing from God.

I know that some people cannot understand this, but that is probably because you’ve never experienced what it is like to be loved by these furry creatures. Ask any pet owner to describe the feeling of seeing your pet after a whole day of work and running errands and they’ll say that there is nothing more amazing and purer in life than those moments.

And they would be damn right.

Do you know why?

Because these creatures aren’t just friends. They are family.

Animals can feel love. They can sense affection. That is one of the reasons why they are human’s best friends. Pets connect with their owners in a way that no other human being could. These amazing creatures devote their lives to loving us. Unconditionally. Purely.

They are loyal to the grave. They are the happiest when we are around them. They are joyous and cheerful. They are always there to make us laugh. They are always there to sit on our lap and brighten our day. They sense our pain. They feel our sorrow. They form incredible human-animal bonds. They love us so much that nothing we ever do to them could ever stop them from seeing us as their gods…

The truth is, these furry creatures don’t deserve us. Their pure souls are too good for us. Still, they are here for us anyway…

That is exactly why saying goodbye to them is probably one of the most painful and traumatic experiences in life. Every person who has been through this will know exactly how this feels. Every person who has lost their one, true friend in their life will tell you that the loss of a pet is equally painful, and in some cases even more traumatic than the loss of a human.

For many people, the death of a loved one cannot be compared with the death of a pet. That is because to a lot of people, pets are just animals. Animals that have a shorter life span and well, can always be replaced. This thinking is exactly what makes these people judgmental towards those who grieve the loss of their pet.

That is why pet owners are often shamed for reacting too emotional and overdramatic. The phrase that many people used to say is “It’s just a dog. You’ll get a new one”.

Well, guess what?

They are never just pets…

The bonds that we create with these creatures are sometimes stronger than the bonds that we create with our ‘human’ friends. I know that no matter how much I try to explain this to some of you people, you will never really understand the depth and the importance of our human-animal relationships.

But these creatures, these beautiful souls… When they come into our lives, they immediately connect with us. They become our whole world. They give us a sense of purpose in life. And believe it or not, sometimes they are the only reason we are still here. Alive and breathing.

That is why when that suddenly vanishes from our lives, it gets pretty damn difficult to accept reality and just move on like nothing really happened.

There should never be any doubt about this. The death of a beloved pet is one of the saddest things that a person can experience in life. And as an animal lover myself who has been through this sort of tragedy, I can only confirm… Sometimes losing a pet can be more painful than losing a person…

For there is no greater and purer love than the love of an animal.

Stephanie Reeds