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To The Wonderful Man Who Made Me Believe In Love Again

thank you for making me believe in love again

Thank you.

I never thought that I’ll meet someone like you. Someone so good and lovely. Someone so remarkable in many ways. At first, I thought you were only a part of my imagination, a dream, someone I hoped I’ll find one day. I thought it was impossible, but you made it possible and effortless.

Before I met you, my definition of love and pain were the same. I was hearing people say that when you meet the right person everything will fall into place and it will be the most wonderful experience, but I just couldn’t believe that it was possible for me.

Relationships were always a struggle for me. I was desperately trying to make it work with men who were not the right for me. And luckily, I failed. Every time. Because they were never there for me. They never made me feel loved and happy and I guess it wasn’t their purpose to do so. Their purpose was only to prepare me for meeting you and the love I always desired.

I was determined to face my demons and heal. Because I knew that was the only way to true love and happiness.

So, I made the effort and it wasn’t long enough before I started reaping the fruits of my labor. My whole life became better. I became a better person, more grounded, more emotionally stable, and stronger than ever. Still, love was evading me. I didn’t mind because everything else in my life was going so well.

thank you for making me believe in love again

And the moment I stopped thinking about it and wishing to happen, it happened.

I met you. You quietly entered my life and everything else ceased to matter. At first, I was still careful. I was trying to temper my emotional reactions and excitement fearing that you are like the others and that all will fall apart sooner or later. But deep down I knew I was wrong. I knew it was meant to be from our first date. There was no turning back for either of us.

And I know I have the power to sabotage everything beautiful that happens to me, but this time I won’t. And I can’t even if I try. Because you, my love, understand me like no one else.

So, thank you.

Thank you for making me believe in love again.

Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for showing up for me every single day. Thank you for being too good to be true. Thank you for challenging my mind and silencing my worries and doubts.

Thank you for making me happy. Thank you for showing me that true love still exists.

Mary Wright