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8 Essential Things Alpha People Seek In A Relationship


People who have alpha personality are known for their dominance and strength.  These people are confident, driven, and ambitious. They have a clear sense of what’s right and what’s wrong and they certainly know how to argue their point.

These people are not afraid to speak their mind and if there’s one thing you’ll never hear an alpha person says, that’s words like: “hmm” or “uhm, let me think.” They’ll tell you nothing but the truth.

When it comes to their relationships, Alphas know what a healthy, meaningful, and successful relationship requires. And they certainly know what they want and need from their partners.

Here are 8 things alpha people search for in a relationship:

1. Stability.

An alpha person would never be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t bother to keep their word. If you’re in a relationship with an alpha person and you promise to do something, then, my friend, you’ll have to do it. These people simply can’t stand being surrounded by fickle, irresponsible people, let alone be in a relationship with such a person.

2. Organization.

Alpha people are highly organized. From more complex things, such as their personal life and career, to simple, basic stuff, like their room and desk, they make sure everything is attended and in order.

So, if you tend to be a disorganized, messy kind of person, you can be sure an Alpha would not even look at you, let alone get in a relationship with you.

3. Ambition.

Considered as the strongest and most driven people, Alphas have clear goals and know where they want to be in life. They do their best to achieve their goals and they always shoot for the top.

In their relationships, too, they never settle for anything less. They want to be with a person who will intellectually stimulate them and be able to keep up with them in all aspects of life. Additionally, an alpha person expects you to have your own goals, passions, and dreams that you’ll work hard to fulfill.

4. Honesty.

Alphas value honesty the most. They don’t have time to play little mind games with you and mince their words. Instead, they’re very open and direct. They’d never hide anything from you, be that their feelings, opinions, or problems. An alpha person will always tell you the truth no matter how harsh and painful it may be.

Having an Alpha as a partner means that you’ll never have to worry if they’re faithful to you because that’s guaranteed.

 5. Shared responsibility.

Alphas work hard to get the things they desire and accomplish their goals. And they do the same thing in their relationships. They invest a great amount of their energy and time into them and expect their partner to do the same.

That’s why an Alpha wants to be with someone who is responsible and who can complement their strong personality, and not someone who depends on them for guidance. They need someone who is a complete and self-sufficient person.

6. Respect.

As every living being, alpha people want to be treated with respect. You can’t expect to take an Alpha for granted or be rude to them and still have them around. If you don’t treat them with respect and dignity, they won’t hesitate to put an end to the relationship.

They expect you to respect their feelings, opinions, boundaries, and decisions as well as their family and friends. And never doubt that they’ll respect yours too.

7. Good sense of humor.

Their mind is constantly busy analyzing their options and opportunities and thinking about their responsibilities, both at home and at work. And during these stressful moments, having a partner with a good sense of humor is very important to them. An Alpha needs to be with someone who is witty and able to tell good, funny jokes.

Moreover, although they may appear like they’re serious people, in fact, Alphas can be one of the funniest people you’ll ever get to meet. They like making jokes, including at their own expense.

8. Spontaneity.

Just like everyone else, Alphas have weaknesses too, and spontaneity happens to be one of them. While they have a strong need to be stable and have everything under control, they also have insatiable thirst for spontaneity. They can be adventurous and they’re quite often in search of exciting activities.

Their need to be stable, but also spontaneous makes it difficult for them to find the person who will understand and accept this unique personality trait and be able to offer them the fun and excitement they need. So, if you’re able to do this, you can consider yourself their perfect match.

Riley Cooper