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To My Future Daughter – Please Remember That A ‘Nice Guy’ Is Not Necessarily A Good Man


Dear daughter,

You are now at a vulnerable age where you are going into the dating world and feeling all sorts of emotions inside of your body. You are spending a lot of time and energy figuring out whether your crush likes you, or what do you want in a partner.

And I am sure that you will meet many men who will be attracted to you and whom you’ll start seeing as potential mates.

However, I want you to know that there is a big difference between a nice guy and a good man.

During my college years, I was in a relationship with a very nice guy. He was gentle, charming, and very sweet. He treated me like a queen, he was buying me little thoughtful presents, we went on romantic dates, and he was telling me that I was all he ever wanted.

But, he was also someone who had a habit of being a cheating a**hole sometimes. He would go out with friends and get hammered whenever we’d had a fight, and he would always end up flirting or making out with another girl. The next day, he would pretend as nothing has happened, and he’d turn his sweet innocent face on, so the vicious cycle went on and on.

This guy that I called my boyfriend, seemed like a nice guy to everyone that met him. But, he was not a good man.

Many women make the mistake of falling for “nice guys” because they are adorable, charming, and fun to be around. They make excellent first impressions. They know all the right words to say to make any woman fall for them.

Through life, you’ll meet a lot of nice guys. However, you must realize that not every one of them is a good man. Actually, it is a little bit tricky to sort between the two, so take your time to really get to know someone and their character before offering them your heart.

A nice guy may tell you everything you want to hear, but a good man will take actions and prove his love to you.

A nice guy will make you laugh easily, but a good man won’t do anything to make you cry.

A nice guy will give you compliments about your physical appearance, but a good man will celebrate your physical beauty as well as the beauty of your soul.

A nice guy will hold the door for you, but a good man will hold your hand through the hardships, your hair when you are sick, and your babies when they are crying.

A nice guy will buy you flowers and gifts, but a good man will invest in your dreams and goals.

A nice guy might offer you his jacket when you are cold, but a good man will offer his time, love, energy, and his whole heart to you.

A nice guy will tell you “I love you,” but a good man will prove to you he loves you not only with words but with actions.

A nice guy will make you feel desired today, but a good man will assure you that you are wanted for life.

And that’s the difference.



Mary Wright