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8 Horrible Things A Toxic Person Will Do Just To Hurt You


Having a toxic person rule your life is an everyday battle. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try to please them, nothing you do is ever good enough. They’ll put you down and force you to fight them at every turn.

Toxic people are cruel. You may have upset them, or they may simply be bored, but they will often do terrible things just to make your life a little harder. Below are examples of 8 things a toxic person will do just to hurt you.

1. They Will Belittle You

Nothing you do will ever be good enough for them. No matter how hard you try, they will always make you feel worthless.

2. They Will Always Make You the Bad Guy

To a toxic person, nothing is ever their fault. The only way that they can shift the blame from themselves is to put it on someone else. They will twist every situation or argument to make it seem like you are the one at fault.

3. They Will Never Tell You They’re Sorry

If nothing is their fault, then why would they need to apologize?  Toxic people truly believe that they should never have to say sorry to anyone. To do so would dampen their ego and the wonderful reputation that they mistakenly believe that they have.

4. They’ll Twist Your Words and Use Them Against You

Anything you say to them, no matter how innocent, will come back to bite you. They are masters of using someone else’s words against them in any situation.

5. They’ll Demand You See Them Whenever it Suits Them

If you’re in a close relationship with a toxic person, you can say goodbye to managing your own schedule. You’ll be expected to make time for them whenever they decide. However, if you’re the one making plans, you’ll find that they’re quite often too busy with other things.

6. They Won’t Listen to Your Side of a Story

Toxic people are only interested in speaking, not listening. When in an argument, they will never budge from their opinion even if they’re completely wrong.  They have no time to listen to what you have to say because if you don’t agree with them, it’s not worth their time.

7. They’ll Ignore You Just To Punish You

Through online messaging, phone, or in person, they will decide to simply ignore you if you annoy them. You could be in the middle of planning something through text, only to have them not reply for three days.

8. They’ll Leave You When You Need Them Most

You’ve been there for them through everything. You’ve listened to them, helped them, and dropped everything so that you could see them at a time that suits them. It doesn’t matter that you’ve done all of this though. As soon as you need them, they will abandon you. If you’re not fulfilling their needs, they no longer want you in their lives.

Dealing with someone who does these things to you can be tiring and distressing. Remember your worth and know when to say that enough is enough. No one should ever have to deal with this kind of abuse.

Someone you know may be struggling at the hands of a toxic person. Let them know that they are powerful and deserve to be treated much better than this.

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Eva Jackson