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To All The Healthcare Workers Fighting The Coronavirus Pandemic, Thank You

To All The Healthcare Workers Fighting The Coronavirus Pandemic, Thank You

When 2019 ended, everyone across the world had high hopes for the year 2020. People made travel plans to see the world or perhaps even visit family that they haven’t seen in a year. Some may have been excited for major milestones in their lives, such as finally graduating from the university or walking down the aisle. 

By that time, news about the Coronavirus had already broken out. But, by then, it was only confined at where it first started – Wuhan, China. No one had certainly expected that in a matter of months, it’s going to spread throughout the world, causing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, even in the most developed countries.

Today, the situation is at its worse. If not, it may even go worst as the months ahead. It’s easy to say that 2020, so far, is not a good year. Things are bad right now.

The world is on a stand by. People are stuck at home in self-quarantine. Countries are going on lockdown. More and more people are getting sick. The weather is changing like crazy. We literally have no idea when this is going to end. Some of us are bored. Some find it hard to cope with their anxious and depressive thoughts at home. Some are terrified. Many have lost their jobs. As people are scrambling for survival, grocery stores are running out of supplies. 

Things are undoubtedly bad right now.

I know that some of you can’t stand this quarantine phase, and I know that right now we’d all rather be outside enjoying the sun than stuck at home, but you know what? If you, my friend are at home with your loved ones, enjoying your warm bed, watching movies, and snacking 24/7, you are one of the luckiest people right now. You are blessed because you have more than a lot of people could ask for right now.

You have a family to stay with you by your side. You may have gone through a whole week without even having the chance to bond or be with your children, but now, you finally have all that time in the world. With healthier and home-cooked meals, the kitchen smells better. Without a doubt, the house is a little bit messier, but it’s a lot warmer, too.

Just think of all the sick people right now, fighting this illness, struggling to breathe, depending on life support, dreading their existence. So, as you wake up today, healthy and well, consider this as a gift. Take note that when you take this for granted, there’s a dying Coronavirus patient somewhere out there in the world that cannot even bid a proper farewell to their family.

Or better yet, think of all the medical workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. First, it may have started only with a dream to do mph as a career, or any other medical-related occupation, but never did they imagine that one day, they’d literally be on the front line, sacrificing their very own life for the sake of another.

Think about how their days are going. Think about how exhausted and scared they might be, even though they have to maintain a positive attitude and focus on making the best out of every situation. Think about their families. Think about lives. About their dreams. Their fears. Their insecurities. They’re human too…

They are just like us… Only in times like these, they don’t get to decide whether or not they’re going to work today, because they are the only people that our world depends on right now.

They are pushing through and taking care of the people that need help. They don’t have a choice like some of us do. They get up in the morning, get dressed and head to work. There they’re faced with much more than you can even imagine. These men and women are not only facing the global pandemic, but they’re also doing their best to take care of cancer patients, new mothers, elderly people and so much more… Each day life faces them with a new challenge. And there’s nothing they can really do about it except finding the strength within them and keep moving forward. For the sake of their countries, for the sake of their families, for the sake of me and you.

The truth is, without them, we wouldn’t be here. Without them, this world could collapse in a minute. 

So, this is me expressing gratitude to all of the healthcare workers right now…

To all the men and women currently fighting the Coronavirus. To all the medical workers, all the nurses, all the doctors, all the caretakers that are trying their hardest to keep things under control amid this global chaos.

Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your unconditional commitment. Thank you for all the extra hours at work. Thank you for risking your lives to take care of the people who depend on you. Thank you for not losing your hopes. Thank you for fighting this battle for all of us. Thank you for existing…

You are our heroes. You are the ones that are making the difference right now. We love you and we need you… So, please. Stay safe and stay strong. Right now, it may seem impossible to believe, but we’ll get through this…And then, one day, we’ll wake up and all of this will be just a memory. A memory of a time when humanity learned one of the greatest lessons in life…

Until then, I wish you good health and wellbeing. May you all find the strength to continue moving forward, even when it feels impossible.

Stephanie Reeds