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Life Is Short: Show Gratitude For Everything That God Has Given You


I’ve been through many things in life. I’ve sad many goodbyes, I’ve cried many tears, I’ve been faced with many difficulties, I’ve managed to overcome many obstacles, I’ve lost many friends and I’ve been forced to let go of many people. Life found many ways to test me. It put me through many trials and forced me to handle many challenges that I wasn’t ready to cope with…

But if there is one thing that I know after all of these years is that I am still here. I am alive and I am breathing. I wake every day and I try to do my best. I have a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in and people who care about me.

And I am grateful. For all of it. Both good and bad. Both pain and happiness. Because if it wasn’t for those difficult experiences in my life, who knows where I’d be right now…

Life is too damn short to spend it regretting your mistakes and living in the past…

1. Trust me, you don’t really need more than you already have. As I said, if you have a bed, a house, a warm meal every day and a family that loves you unconditionally, you, my dear have all that you need to be happy. What saddens me is the fact that most of us tend to take these blessings in life for granted. This is only until life takes something away from them… And eventually fills them with regret.

Don’t be one of those people. Don’t forget to be thankful for everything that life has given you. You, my friend, have more than you need. You are rich. Cherish your life.

2. Every moment is precious and filled with beauty. You just have to open your eyes and see. Every breath you take today is your blessing. Every step you take, no matter where it leads you, is also a blessing. Your existence in this present moment is a blessing. The fact that you are alive and breathing in this exact second is a blessing. You are here and now. Embrace that gift and be grateful for it.

3. The more grateful you are, the more life gives you. You know how it goes. In life, you attract exactly who and what you are. So, when you show gratitude to the universe for all that it has given you, you are likely to attract more of those sweet blessings in life. Gratitude heals your mind, your body, and your soul. Focus on it.

4. Gratitude makes you feel happier and helps you forgive. Being grateful for everything that you have improves the quality of your life. From your mental health to your emotional and spiritual welling and lastly, your physical strength, showing gratitude can truly change every aspect of your life. Just think about it…It is much easier to reach a state of happiness and appreciation when you are grateful. Even for the smallest of things that some consider trivial.

Stephanie Reeds