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We Deserve Loyal Friends And Partners, Not People That Play With Our Feelings

We Deserve Loyal Friends And Partners, Not People That Gamble With Our Feelings

Recently, I stumbled upon a quote that said: Don’t waste your love on somebody who doesn’t value it. And it made me think.

Are we valued enough?

Are our efforts appreciated enough? Are they recognized?

I guess you will know if the person, be it a friend or a partner, brings comfort and peace into your life. If they don’t make you doubt or question yourself.

We ought to surround ourselves with people that recognize our efforts and with people that understand just how much we are willing to give up to meet them halfway.

I guess we deserve loyal friends and partners whose priorities don’t shift when things get tough. We deserve people that will always stick with us and people who are willing to go through the highs and the lows.

You learn with those people, you grow with them, and you become who you are with them. They either make or break your life, so when you’ve put them on such a high pedestal, when you’ve given them that much power – they may as well stick around when things get rough.

If not, well, they didn’t value you enough. They didn’t value your worth, nor did they value your selflessness, let alone the sacrifice you made for them.

Get rid of those people. Take back your power. They haven’t valued you enough and they’ve played with your feelings, but that’s on them.

It’s on you to find people who are different. Sometimes, they find you. My point here is, those people exist. And they coexist with people that are similar to them: genuine, selfless, full of care, loyal. Because you cannot mimic care, you cannot fake love.

The best part is that if you have a genuine connection with someone and if you cherish them, you don’t have to imitate care and interest. Those things come by default.

But I guess for one to see the light, they first have to go through the darkness of the tunnel. And know this: People that see your worth are like a compass. They will show you the way that will lead you to them.

Once you find them, all those ungrateful friends, partners, even family members will fade away. Their claws are as firm as you let them be.

Nora Connel