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Tips For Safe Food Shopping During COVID-19 Outbreak

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We are all learning that we can do without many things – concerts, museums, partying at clubs, sporting events, restaurants, bars, and so on. However, even though we don’t go out to these events, we still have to go out and buy groceries or get them delivered.

Here are some tips on how to get them safely during this virus outbreak.

DELIVERY – Experts recommend the immunocompromised people and the elderly to use a delivery service whenever they can. They should sign up for a delivery service at their store and then choose everything they need online in the comfort of their home. They should also pay for them online so that there wouldn’t be any exchange of money.

However, even though delivery seems to be the safest way right now, there are some rules that everyone should follow.

NO CONTACT – There are many delivery stores that use a delivery service like Shipt or Instacart who have implemented a no-contact delivery system which means that you wouldn’t have any contact with the delivery person. They leave your groceries by your door and leave immediately.

NO CASH – Cash is dirty, so buy online whenever you can.

IN-STORE SHOPPING – If however, you need to go to the store, here are some advice that you should follow.

SHOP OFF-PEAK HOURS – Avoid the busiest times. Go late at night or early in the morning to avoid crowds. Stay at least 1 meter away from people.

CART WIPES – Take disinfecting wipes with you and disinfect the cart before you put your groceries inside of it. And while you are at the store, stop yourself from touching your face, phone, or purse, and if you have to use hand sanitizer before doing so.

NO CASH – Use a credit or debit card instead of paying in cash.

And do you need to sanitize the groceries when you get home? Ben Chapman, a professor, and food safety expert at N.C. State University says that it isn’t necessary.

“I don’t think right now that washing or trying to sanitize a cereal box is an effective way to stop the pathway of the transmission of COVID-19,” Chapman told The News & Observer on Tuesday.

The first and last defense, he says, is hand-washing and hand-sanitizing.

“When I grab my cereal box and fill my bowl and put the box away, I wash my hands,” he said.

However, fruits and vegetables should always be washed properly. Check our advice on how to do it – The Best Way To Wash Your Fruits And Vegetables

Mary Wright